Writing In the Right Details


Being a writer and making a living from writing is a dream for many. All of us who love writing aspire to pay our bills with our letters. But doing it is more complicated than it seems. Launching into this world without a net is dangerous, since there are many aspects that are unknown. In this article we will explain what it is to be a writer and give you some tips to make a living from writing.

Can You Make A Living From Writing?

In reality, you can live on anything. You could even sell fairy dust, and if you did it right, you could make a living from them. So, can you make a living from writing? Of course yes. Of course, do not expect it to be easy. The best writing services you can find at https://best-essay-services.com/.

One problem that you will usually find among people who pretend to be writers is that they tend to think that this will be to reach out and kiss the saint. If you want to be a writer, forget about everything you’ve read about Rowling, King and Meyer. Bestsellers are isolated cases. The most normal thing is that your first books go unnoticed.

To make a living from writing you need to work a lot. You have to sit down day by day, write and publish. In the age of Amazon, where more than 1000 books are published a day (on the low side), succeeding first time is as difficult as hitting a full fifteen.

The best thing you can do for your writing career is to publish books consistently. You can do it on your own, publishing on Amazon or managing the publication of your books on your own. You can try publishing with publishers. Or you can do both and take advantage of the best that both worlds have.

What Do You Need To Make A Living From Writing?

Well, some of these things would not hurt:

  • Know how to write (obvious).
  • To plan.
  • Spend time daily on your writing.
  • A computer.
  • Be a great reader (or an average reader, but you have to be a reader).
  • Have a lot of patience.
  • Being tenacious and not giving up easily.

How to Be a Writer

And it’s not frustrating because publishers don’t publish you or don’t select you in contests. It is because it is tiring, it is lonely and, almost always, it seems that you move in a kind of limbo in which you pay for the sins of your past lives by being invisible.

To be a writer you need to have ideas (we all have that), know how to turn those ideas into words (that’s already a bit more difficult) and make those words make sense and be “drinkable” (this is already much less common).

Why Am I Saying This?

There is a common and silent idea that extends to those who begin to write and that is that “you only need talent to write.” Or worse, you just need to know how to write (in a society like ours, we all know how to do it). So, if you are not willing to work, better forget it and dedicate yourself to something else. On the other hand, if you are willing to mortgage your life and sell your soul to the key, go ahead.

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