Why Website Backup Must Be a Part of Your Security?


A backup is a copy of a file or any data that is made in case the original is damaged or lost. In computing, backups are synonymous with security. When we talk about website security, most site owners use the latest tools and opt for a highly secure web hosting service to keep cybercriminals at bay. However, if a virus or malware gets through the defenses and damages the site data, then the website can come crashing down in no time. Also, a hardware error or an accidental deletion of a crucial file can lead to a website crashing too.

To ensure uninterrupted services, having the latest working copy of the website available at all times is a must. This is where a website backup comes in handy. Today, we are going to talk about why website backup must be a part of your site security and how tools like the Codeguard Website Backup can make the process easier.

Here are some reasons why you should back up your website:

1: Avoid losing data

In today’s times, data is an invaluable asset. When you run and manage a website, you collect data from your customers and site visitors. This data can help you make business decisions, gain insight, etc. However, a virus, malware, hardware malfunction, or human error can lead to the loss of data causing your business to suffer. However, by taking regular website backups, you can ensure that data loss is avoided.

2: Protection against faulty updates

The operating system, applications, and software are regularly updated by the developers.  However, every time you run the update, there is a risk of something going wrong and your site crashing. Hence, before any major updates are run, it is important to run a backup so that you can restore your site in no time.

3: Safeguards against compatibility issues from new installations

Every time you install a new application, there is a possibility that it might negatively impact your site’s performance. If the issues are not manageable, then you can lose your data too. By the time you get your site back up and running, your brand’s reputation can take a hammering. However, with the latest backup copy available, you can restore your site to the last known working condition in no time.

4: Fighting Malware

Most IT professionals will agree that fighting malware is not easy. Even if you manage to remove most of it, some tiny bits can manage to stay back and cause problems again. However, if you have a backup copy ready, then all you need to do is restore the site and continue offering services.

5: Help in the migration of websites

Site migration involves copying the entire site data from one server to another. This is a critical process and a small error can lead to data loss. However, with a website backup, site migration is a breeze.

Summing Up

Tools like CodeGuard offer a range of benefits to site owners like comprehensive site backups, top-notch security, backups stored in the cloud to make them accessible from anywhere. While many web hosts offer an automatic website backup service with the web hosting plans, site owners must ensure that they back up their sites too. Remember, a website backup is your last line of defense before the site goes down. Ensure that you run backups regularly. Good Luck!

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