Why Water Filtration is Important


The USA is one of the countries having the most advanced water treatment systems for tap water. Government agencies concerned see to it that the minimum safety standard for drinking water is maintained. While household drinking water meets safety standards, it does not mean that it is always free of hazardous contaminants. Chances are, you are drinking contaminated water without your knowledge. That is why the installation of a good water filtration device at home would be a good decision.

What benefits do you get in having a water filtration device at home?

A water filtration device can remove chlorine and its by-products like Trihalomethanes or THMs. Everyone knows that chlorine in tap water kills bacteria. The downside, however, is that as chlorine does its job in killing bacterias, it produces Trihalomethanes (a by-product of chlorine). Trihalomethanes are known to contain a high concentration of free radicals. Humans exposed to a high concentration of THMs would have a high probability of getting cancer. So, why would humans risk drinking water with chlorine when they can simply remove it with a home water filtration device?

Water filtration filters harmful contaminants in lead pipes. Old pipelines are typically made of lead pipes. As we all know lead pipes corrode as they get older. Corroded lead pipes can be a passageway for harmful contaminants. These hazardous contaminants can easily multiply and make their way to every household. When this happens everyone in the household will put to risk of catching diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, e.coli, and even the poliovirus. Moreover, lead can come off and mix with the tap water. We all know lead is strongly linked to brain damage – and no one would want to have such a disease.To learn more about water filtration, visit USA Berkey to learn more.

Water filtration helps remove nitrates. Nitrates are naturally occurring substances. When oxygen and nitrogen mixed together, they formed the nitrates. Generally, nitrates are harmless in normal doses but too much of it can be deadly. High doses of nitrates in drinking water pose a threat to pregnant women. Children are at risk too as their young bodies cannot easily process a high concentration of nitrates.

Water filtration removes fluoride in the water. Fluoride, as everyone knows, is used in treating our drinking water. However, experts are linking it to cancer and other skeletal diseases. Fortunately, excess fluoride can easily be filtered with a simple water filtration system at home.

Water filtration removes bad odor and taste in tap water. Old corroded pipelines can bring rust to your household drinking water. Rust is actually iron oxide. Though not really harmful to ingest, rust can make your drinking water look dirty, taste bad, and smell bad. You wouldn’t want to drink a rusty, bad-tasting, and smelly water. Additionally, you also wouldn’t want that water for cooking.

Water filtration softens hard water. Water pumped out from the treatment systems is typically hard water. Hard Water causes clogged plumbing as it forms deposits called scale. The white crusty mineral deposits you see in your shower, bathtub, sink and cooking dishes are not actually dirt but hard water. Soft water does not leave any scale, leaving your bathroom, tubs and cooking dishes clean looking without the white spots.

Water filtration takes away your need to buy bottled water. Why spend on bottled water when you can filter your own water? With a water filtration system installed, it is like having an endless supply of bottled water at home, but less the expense. Thousands of dollars spent on bottled water every year could be used as savings instead.

Water filtration helps protect the environment. Plastic is a global problem, and daily, tons of plastic bottles end up in landfills. Unfortunately, not all get collected for recycling. Tons of these plastic bottles end up in our ocean. They pollute the waters and kill marine life. Water filtration at home can help reduce this problem. Instead of buying bottled water, install a water filter at home. You don’t just save money but help protect the environment as well.

To summarize it all. Water is the life source of all living organisms. It nourishes every cell in which our body is made of. Maintaining good health highly relies on drinking water. Humans will not survive without water. In fact, humans could only last 3 to 4 days without drinking water. However, water can also bring sickness. Despite the efforts of the government to provide safe and clean water to the people, the problem with contaminated water still persists. There are many factors involved like underfunding, old and corroded pipelines, etc. But, it doesn’t mean the people cannot enjoy the benefits of safe drinking water. Water filtration systems can bring added safety to everyone.





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