Which Casino Jobs Have Disappeared Due to Digitalization?

Casino Jobs

Digitalization has brought about a change in the types of jobs available in casinos. Some of the jobs that were in high demand in casinos in the past are redundant today. Here are some of the jobs that disappeared.

Catwalk surveillance officers

Surveillance officers in casinos of the past would walk on thin paths like catwalks above the gaming floor. They would use binoculars to try and spot card counters in Blackjack or other suspicious activities. These surveillance officers were behind one-way glass so players couldn’t see them.

When it became easier to monitor the casino floor using digital cameras in a centralized location, catwalk surveillance officers were no longer necessary. On the other hand, the proliferation of online gambling and the use of casino apps have made many new jobs available in areas such as cyber security.

Shill poker players

It was common for casinos to employ shill poker players in the past. They would receive an hourly wage and play with house money. If they lost, the house would take the hit and if they won, the winnings belonged to the casino.

One of the reasons for using shills was to start and fill games. The shills would get games going and try to keep them going for as long as possible. This meant that casinos could earn more revenue. Shills were once in frequent use. In 1979, Nevada passed a law that shills had to display signs alerting guests to their status and then they started to disappear.

Change girls

Change girls’ revealing outfits were a common sight on casino floors in days gone by. They would wear holster belts for dispensing coins to slot players in exchange for bills. Change girls were around until the 1990s even after the advent of automatic change machines. Gamblers preferred to stay in their seats and the girls provided a personal touch the machines couldn’t replace. It was only with business transformation that change girls disappeared. The appearance of coinless slot machines quickly made their jobs redundant.


Showgirls were a feature at many casinos in the days when the mafia ruled gambling in Las Vegas. The enticing, French-inspired shows featuring showgirls in scanty attire helped to bring gamblers to the tables. It was the gambling that made casinos profitable so these shows were often lavish and didn’t even have to make a profit.

Today, casinos receive revenue not only from gambling but from food, drink, hotels, services, etc. The employment forecast shows that employment in gaming services is expected to grow by five percent through 2028 according to the U.S. Department of Labor. More states want to take advantage of the tax and tourism revenue casinos can generate and this creates more jobs.

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