What services does an eye specialist complete?


Many times, people take their eyesight for granted until problems arise. These difficulties could range from minor issues to situations that need major intervention. That is why it is important for people to select the correct eye doctor for their particular conditions, as each has different skillsets that contribute to helping patients with their vision.

An Eye Specialist Requirements

Each eye care professional has different levels of educational training that dictate how in-depth they can treat clients. The three experts we will look at include —

The Ophthalmologist:

This is a medical doctor who has studied intensively for a minimum of at least 8 years in the field of treatment and diagnosis of all diseases affecting the eyes.

They have the knowledge to conduct surgeries, recommend and produce eyeglasses and contact lenses for patients, as well as determine and analyze visual impairment.

Some ophthalmologists might even niche down into more specific areas, such as taking courses dealing with the retina, glaucoma, cornea care and more.

The Optometrist:

Although not a doctor, these licensed eye care providers test for defects of the eyesight with a focus on prescribing corrective lenses for better vision. After college, they attend four years at a school in which they receive their degree. Optometrists are qualified to test patients’ visual acuity, determine certain irregularities of the eyes and suggest medicine for some ailments that cause problems with their sight.

The Optician:

This health care worker makes, aligns and fit customers with glasses, lenses and frames to help correct the defects they have with their vision. Their educational background could be in the range of having just a high school diploma to an associate degree.

Be Mindful of Symptoms

Overall, individuals need awareness when it comes to eye health. Signs such as double vision, floaters, redness and pain should be investigated.

A reputable Eye Specialist will help individuals maintain the precious gift of sight throughout their lifetime.

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