What laser type works best for laser hair removal among yag or ipl


Some women think that hair that grows in areas of the body such as the armpits, legs, arms, and face can interfere with the appearance and reduce self-confidence. There have been many techniques to remove unwanted hairs, including shaving, waxing, as well as two new techniques namely IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and laser.

Most people cannot understand the difference between IPL and laser (YAG Laser by Nexus Clinic). The similarity between the two treatments is simply to reduce the growth of hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue. Then, what is the difference between these two treatments and which technique is better for permanently removing unwanted body hair?  IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and laser are two different technologies, although both are used separately or together for hair treatment because they both interfere with the growth of hair follicles. The following are the differences between IPL and laser treatments.

Laser therapy uses a laser beam that is able to penetrate the inner skin (dermis) without damaging the upper skin (epidermis). Actually, each laser has a different wavelength. There are lasers that specifically target pigments (spots and skin colour), lasers for blood vessels (varicose veins, acne, and rosacea), and lasers that target water in the skin tissue to help the process of exfoliating dead or injured skin cells. But in general, the laser is done to remove fine wrinkles, spots, and acne scars. Besides being safer for all colours of hair and hair, laser treatment also does not risk damaging other tissues around the hair. Its rays are more focused on hair follicles making laser treatment more effective at removing hair permanently than IPL.

IPL devices are not lasers, they are menthol lights since they produce wavelength spectrums that are in conflict with one. These wavelengths are effective for treating markings on the skin, and IPL can also be used for various hair removal treatments – it is very impressive for the removal of thick and coarse hair.  IPL only works on the outer surface so it cannot overcome skin problems in the second layer of skin such as fine wrinkles, blood vessels, scars, and others. Usually, as said above, IPL is done to get rid of acne, blemishes, and ageing black spots.

Differences between YAG and IPL

  • The nature of light

The nature of light laser therapy is monochromatic, meaning that it only consists of one wavelength which focuses on the problematic skin. Another property is collimated coherent which means one direction with regular waves. Whereas in IPL, the nature of the light is polychromatic which means many wavelengths. This makes IPL not focus on handling one specific skin problem because, in addition to many waves, the light is also irregular.

  • Depth level

The laser beam can penetrate the inner skin without damaging the surface or other healthy tissue. This condition is different from IPL which only works on the skin surface.

  • Safety

Laser therapy uses an only special light that targets the problematic area of ​​the skin so it is safer than IPL. Because IPL treatments sometimes provide more radiation to the skin to get optimal results, so the risk of causing side effects.

  • Costs and Results

Laser therapy is more expensive than IPL because it uses advanced technology. Even so, the results of laser therapy are usually better and last longer than IPL whose prices tend to be more economical.

Laser therapy and IPL are both good if done with the supervision of a specialist. Because if done carelessly, this treatment actually worsens the condition of your skin. Therefore, you should choose a beauty clinic that has guaranteed quality and accompanied by specialist supervision of a beauty doctor.