What Is The Use Of User Onboarding In Meeting Customer Expectations?


User onboarding software is a suite of tools that are aimed at making the familiarization of users with the product. Mostly, what a instruction manual does for physical products, this software does for the users of applications. The users need applications that are easy to use. They look at the immediacy factor of the applications. With the help of onboarding solutions, it becomes easier for the application owners to adorn their offering with these desirable virtues.

The best uses of user onboarding software are:

  1. Walkthrough to the features for better understanding

The users need to be very comfortable with the applications if the developers want them to win their loyalty. Thus, the use of walkthrough support becomes essential for offering personalized learning experience to the application users.

  1. Help developers in making user-friendly sites effortlessly

The developers need not invest their energy in the development of onboarding solutions. The readymade templates help them focus on more crucial aspects of the app development. The availability of readymade onboarding tools like welcome note, usage tutorials, quick guides, feature highlighters etc. take the effort out of developing the user-friendly applications.

  1. Give due personalized attention to the users to avoid churn out

A majority of applications fail to impress as the users are not guided in a personalized manner regarding the use process. Thus, the customers take no extra minute in opting out of the application when they do not find the walkthrough or usage support. In-search bar texts, menu navigation support, etc. help in avoiding the user churn out.

  1. Activation increased multi-fold

Users, on becoming familiar with the product, are more likely to opt for activation. The onboarding helps the users appreciate the experience the applications are designed to offer. Thus, more activations in lieu of little support is the outcome of user onboarding activity.

So, take help of user onboarding tools and processes and give your users the comfort and familiarity which translates later into customer delight and retention.

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