What Does a Building Survey Tell You?


A Building Survey is always recommended when the new property is under construction, is of unusual age or requires some major reconstructing. The reason why building surveys are needed is that they provide an objective and unbiased opinion on the condition of a property, what improvements need to make, whether there are any structural faults and whether the property would be suitable for building. This is in contrast to the subjective opinions, which can easily vary from one client to another, as well as one builder to another and so cannot provide an unbiased report. This Building Survey Chelmsford based company, Sam Conveyancing, is excellent.

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The first stage of a Building Survey involves obtaining a market valuation. Market valuation is completed after taking into account all of the information which has been listed on the Building Surveyor’s form. This includes information such as the rate of growth of the property, any proposed alterations which have been requested by the client and any proposed changes which have been made by the developer to the original plans. Market valuation also considers the price of similar properties within the local area. The final stage of a Building Survey is a detailed inspection report, which provides a detailed view of the condition of the property and any future repair and updates.

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One of the main benefits of using a building survey to find out the state of your property is that it will give you the figures that you need in order to decide whether to proceed with the rest of the work or not. If you were to attempt to do this yourself, then it is likely that you would find it very difficult to judge the condition of the building. With a professional company it is much easier to judge the condition of the building and whether it is suitable for use as a living space or not.

You will often find building surveys, which are very detailed and will cover every aspect of the structure of the building. You may find that the majority of them are very thorough and will go into further detail about certain areas such as staircase detail and electrical details. These detailed surveys can help to ensure that your building is as safe and secure as possible.

You will find that the majority of Building Surveys advise on how to repair any structural problems within the building in the shortest time possible to ensure that safety is maintained. It is essential that if there are any structural problems within the building that immediate action is taken to prevent any more damage from occurring

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