Watches: Fashion For Women


A watch can be used as a handheld timepiece carried or worn by an individual. Despite actions caused by daily activities, it maintains a constant motion. A wristwatch can be worn around the wrist and attached to a bracelet or watch strap. A pocket watch can be carried in a pocket and often connected to a chain.

Watches evolved from spring-powered clocks that were first developed in the 14th century. The Watch was mechanical for most of its history. It was powered by clockwork and synchronized by oscillating balance wheels. These watches are known as mechanical watches. In the 1950s, Rolex yacht master comes into this world. The electronic quartz watch was created in 1960, and the quartz watch overtook the mechanical Watch in the 1980s. This is known historically as the quartz revolution. The 2010s saw the introduction of smartwatches. These sophisticated electronic watches look like a computer and can be worn on the wrist. These watches often include timekeeping functions, but this is only a tiny portion of the smartwatch’s capabilities.

It is common for modern watches to display the date, time, month, and year on their faces. Some eyes have additional features, called “complications”, such as moon phases and tourbillon types; several quartz watches include timers, clocks, alarms, and timers. Some modern watches, such as smartwatches, include calculators, GPS or Bluetooth technology. Others have heart rate monitoring capabilities and use radio clock technology regularly to correct the time. You can see Rolex yacht master (Rolex yacht master, which is the term in Thai) as an example.

What Is The Watch Made Of?

Our silver watches’ casings are made from stainless steel and rose gold watches have a stainless-steel core and two platings. The base plating is 0.8 Micron TCN (a yellow-coloured base material), and the top coat is 0.1 Micron Rose Gold (made from 85% gold and 15% copper to create the rose colour).

The Watch’s glass is made from hardened mineral glass, and it is durable to normal wear and tear but should still be treated with care. Please note that the 24-month warranty does not cover damaged glass/crystal.

Rolex watches must perform flawlessly and look beautiful even in harsh environments. Rolex uses Oystersteel as a specific steel alloy, and Oystersteel is part of the 904L family, which is highly resistant to corrosion and has a remarkable sheen when polished.

As with precious metals, 904L steels are widely used in high-tech, chemical, and aerospace enterprises. You can go Rolex website and see the fantastic watch Rolex yacht master.

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