Unique Off-Grid Water Systems



In this off-grid situation, using the natural earth design is your best bet for long-term success & sustainability.   When it comes to an off-grid water system, you want a system that utilizes natural purification elements, like what is sold by Aqua Bare.

Few Systems for utilizing off-grid water

Surprisingly, here are some systems for implementing a gravity-fed system to be found online.

#1 – Rain Barrels

These can be bought pre-made or recycled from old 55-gallon food storage barrels. Rain barrels collect water from a roof and hold it for use on lawns, gardens, or indoor plants.

Pros Of Rain Barrels

  • They can be installed anywhere drainage, giving you quick rainwater storage with every storm.
  • They can be used in a city without making too many statements due to their small size.
  • They can also apply a decent amount of water pressure if increased on a platform.

Cons Of Rain Barrels

  • Rain barrels are limited to 55 gallons if you are using a usual size. It results in lots of potential water lost during a rain event. Making a daisy chain of rain barrels can increase your harvesting potential.

Alternatively, using IBC carries can give you the chance to grab 275 or 330 gallons.

#2 – Cisterns

Cisterns are an established way to store water and have been used for paradise. They may be located above or below ground as per your setup. And they can be designed of different materials such as stone, metal, and cement.

Cisterns can create off-grid & passive water pressure if they are situated at an upgrade higher than your tap. If you have a gravity-fed system, calculate your cistern’s accurate location before purchasing the first bag of cement or turning the first dirt shift.

Pros Of Cisterns

  • Cisterns can store thousands of water gallons for majority of your water for the season.

Cons Of Cisterns

  • Cisterns need great construction and installation as well as a good understanding of the terrain. Due to their size, they need several spaces and if you want water pressure, you need elevation difference on your space.

#3 – Lots Of Bucket-Lugging

The world still moves its water around in buckets. And if you are currently doing your fair share of bucket-lugging, you need to ensure that you need hard work out.

Pros Of Bucket Lugging

  • The system can’t break down.

Cons Of Bucket Lugging

  • It requires physical fitness and ensure your buckets are cleaned
  • Ensure you use food-grade 5-gallon buckets if this is the route you go

The Final Thought!

So, these are some unique off-grid water systems. If you are looking for the best system for off-grid water purposes, you can choose one of them.