Types of law firm


To fight any case in the court of law, you will need a lawyer who could represent you in the court. For any type of legal issue, you will find various lawyers specialized in particular fields or they can be general as well. A divorce lawyer is one of the most common types of lawyers. A divorce attorney is a divorce representation in the court.

There are other different types of law firms in Monroe GA and Walton County GA that many people might not be aware of. These firms have specific roles and perform specific tasks. Here is a list of some of the uncommon types of law firms that you should know.

Solo Law Firms

Firms do not always require multiple lawyers to run them. Single lawyers are running solo law firms. Such lawyers handle different legal matters including personal injury law, family law among others. There are solo lawyers as well, specializing in a single area of law such as patent law. Such lawyers can pay personal attention to your case as they are fighting their case single-handedly unless they hire other legal counterparts, which many solo law firms do.


Criminal law services are the most common type of law firm. In such firms, the clients request legal representatives in the court. Some criminal attorneys work with local attorneys and are generally knowledgable in terms of the state and regional judges. There are the public defenders, who fight for clients who are fighting to prove their innocence. 


People reach out to transactional firms for legal help when there is a dispute among two parties and they want to settle the matter outside the court. In such situations, there is extensive research work, preparation, review work of contracts and documents, which is done by the transactional attorney. Such attorneys will provide the go-ahead when settling disputes or company mergers or acquisitions. Such lawers generally stay out of court and settle matters relating to insurance or property, while getting the best deal for all the parties involved.


Litigation firms can be understood as opposed to transactional firms. The litigation attorneys also deal with property, insurance, and finance but they do so in the court. Litigators are generally required to prove breaching of contactors, negligence of the opponent, or other such cases. Litigators also look to negotiate deals with the lawyer of the opposing party, but in a courtroom instead of outside the court.


These are some of the uncommon law firms other than the common ones such as a divorce attorney. If you are wondering how to get divorced, you should contact a divorce law firm that can be your divorce guide. You can get such lawyers in Monroe GA and Walton County GA.

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