Top 5 Trends In Police Riot Gear To Watch


The SHOT Show of 2020 was held from January 21st through 24th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Every year this is held reviews their newest police riot gear, that features firearms, protective equipment, and tactical technology for the law enforcement and SWAT. This is one of the largest events of its kind in the world.

The all new scope-mounted camera which was originally intended for hunters wanting to share their experiences with all their friends, the TACTACAM camera is able to be mounted onto a Picatinny rail system or can be clamped directly to a barrel for supporting image stability with 3x, 8x zoom, and even slo-mo at 240 fps. The Film Through Scope adapter, also known as the FTS comes with seven plastic adaptor rings suitable for most scopes that have a circular eyepiece, meaning it is not compatible with most non- circular CQB, RDS, ACOG, or night vision scopes. This camera uses a custom USB- rechargeable battery, and is 4K ultra HD offering up to 2.5 hours of operation.


Lots of LEOs are reliable on the Otterbox cases in order to keep their mobile devices safe. This company was founded in 1998 by Curt and Nancy Richardson as manufacturing water-resistant cases for electronic devices. Their sons Josh and Jc Richardson wondered what they could do in order to protect law enforcement officers as well as their parents products protect electronics. So in 2013 the two brothers founded Angel Amor. They have released their all new AVAIL III+ Ballistic Door Panels at SHOT 2020. These panels protect against NIJ Level III rifle threats with added protection against special threats.


In 2018, a dance floor backflip made news when a LEO in a Denver bar had his firearm fly out of his holster accidentally shooting a patron while receiving it. Safariland has made a solution for breakdance aficionados all over with its ALS or automatic locking system series of thumb release active retention holsters. This Safariland Model 7371 7TS ALS holster is specifically designed for popular sub compact firearms. Including the Glock 42/43, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, SIG P365 and much more.


Either you are finishing an incident report in the office or you’re trying to take a long range shot, weather data is very important to a police officer. With using an all in one weather device that is able to link to an app on your smartphone can make any mission easier. Kestrel Ballistics offers over a dozen different types of pocket wind meters also known as anemometer. Each one is specifically designed for a different mission. All of these anemometers are designed and manufactured in the USA.


In conclusion to so many other awesome new products, 5.11 Tactical were showing their all terrain load assistance system or A.T.L.A.S footwear. These new shoes are made as trainers and also mid and boot heights. Every model featured a 3D molded thermoplastic rubber toe and heel protection, welded mesh uppers, high traction outsoles and also the 5.11 axle torsion board, a fiberglass reinforced composite shank molded onto the sole. This 8 inch boot has a polishable toe and is available in no zip or with a YKK side zipper and locking ankle eyelet.


These all new police riot gear are worth looking out for. They are very interesting to see and can be especially very useful for any police officer or other forces with their everyday jobs. These few things listed above do not even do justice to everything featured at the 2020 SHOT show.


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