Top 5 Mattress Sizes That Perfectly Fit Your Bedroom


You would be surprised to know how many mattress sizes are available in the market today. People do buy standard-sized mattresses, and that’s all they know about, but did you know there are various custom-designed ones, extra-long? I didn’t either.

So, here are the top five mattress sizes that you can choose to buy from (with dimensions). You cannot have an over-sized mattress for a small bedroom or cope with a small mattress if your partner likes their own sleeping space. Have a look at this list and pick the suitable one.

Crib Mattress – The smallest of all mattresses, designed for babies and toddlers. This mattress measures around 28 X 52 inches and no more than six inches in thickness. Sizes might vary, but as long as they are close to the standard measurements mentioned and perfectly fit the crib, it is fine.

Recommended room size for this bed – 7′ x 10.’

Twin XL – Are you tall and need extra room for your legs? Then Twin XL mattress is the best pick for you. It measures around 40 X 80 inches – perfect for those having a habit of moving down while sleeping. This mattress also gives room to your pet at the foot of the bed.

Recommended room size for this bed – 7′ X 10.’

Full Mattress – It is a double-bed mattress usually found in hotels. A full mattress is around 15 inches broader than a twin mattress, measuring about 55 X 75 inches. You can use this mattress in your kids’ room if you have two children. People buy this mattress for a futon, furniture that folds down into a bed.

Recommended room size for this bed – 10′ X 12.’

Standard Queen Mattress – In houses, most people opt for queen size beds. They are perfect for two adults to have a comfortable sleep. It gives enough room for two people to move around while sleeping. The measurement of this mattress is 60 X 80 inches.

Since a queen size mattress is more extensive than other beddings, you need sufficient space in your room to fit it in. They are the best pick for guest rooms and teenagers.

Recommended room size for this bed – 10′ X 12′ to 10′ X 14.’

Standard King Mattress – If you like an ample sleeping space, the standard king mattress is a perfect option for you. If you like to relax, stretch, or work on a bed, this bedding type gives more than enough space. It measures around 75 X 80 inches, making it as big as two twin XL combined.

It is a suitable pick for larger rooms, where couples have a kid or pet to share their bed with. You can lay sideways and watch television. Surprisingly, the possibilities to use this mattress in several ways are endless.

Recommended room size for this bed – 10′ X 12′ to 13′ X 13.’


People have their individual preference regarding what size of mattress they need, how much resting space they need, what sort of space they need to work with, and so on. Before you pick the right one, make sure it fits your bed and needs as well.

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