Tips on how to leave our wheels super clean


Cleaning the wheels and tires of our vehicle is essential to attract attention. Impeccable wheels stand out from the crowd, precisely because they inevitably accumulate large amounts of dirt. Having film wheels and tires is just a matter of patience and a job well done. A bucket of soap and water, some specific cleaners, and an arsenal of brushes and paintbrushes are the only requirements to dazzle the staff.

An important note: The most economical products pride themselves on cleaning the tires without rubbing. For that to be possible, they must be highly corrosive products and would destroy the glossy finish of most rims.

Modern rims

Modern rim models reach astronomical prices. That is why all quality cleaners put safety before degreasing power and require rubbing the areas where dirt is most embedded. With a suitable brush, this task can be carried out almost effortlessly.

Of course, we should not underestimate the importance of the wheel arches when it comes to impressing. Usually, the big forgotten ones, clean wheel arches, significantly improve the appearance of our vehicle. Perhaps removing the wheels once a year to thoroughly clean the interior linings may seem a bit excessive (although we do it in our cars), even though it is the most convenient way to do it. However, if we are not willing to remove the tires, we can purchase a wheel arch brush as they are quite inexpensive.

First, we will apply a degreaser to the whole interior of the wheel arches, let it act for a minute, and brush the area with force. If we don’t get anywhere, or the distance between the wheel arch and the tire is too small, we can use a dirty sponge or a wash mitt that we no longer use to scrub that piece. We rinse, and that’s it! When we have finished washing the vehicle, we must apply a layer of plastic protector to embellish and protect it.

Another trick that professionals use to make their vehicles leave us with our mouths open is to clean the tire, not only on the outside but also on the inside. We’re not used to seeing a shiny tire interior, but it’s evident if you can get it. There are two options: either we remove the rim and rub it on the inside, or we use one of the new brushes to clean the rims. Both ways will achieve the same goal, which is to leave the audience surprised.

Step by step guide

 After this brief introduction, we move on to the action. If we had to make a list of tasks that will lead us to stardom, they would be the following:

  1. Work on one wheel at a time.
  2. Mega fill the bucket with plenty of water and add the soap. Put in twice the recommended concentration.
  3. Clean the inside of the rim first. Apply a good layer of wheel cleaner and leave it to work for about 3 minutes. Caution: Whenever you use a wheel rim cleaner for the first time, try it on a small area, leave it to work, and rinse. If you see that it affects the finish of your rim in any way, discard the product. Be especially careful with painted rims, as they do not accept aggressive cleaners. Ask on this website if you need assistance with tire cleaning.
  4. Wet the brush with plenty of soapy water and wash the rim and tire. Always use a specific brush for the rims and tires, and since it will accumulate a lot of dirt, rinse it very often.
  5. If the rim has hard to reach areas, try an old toothbrush.
  6. When the back of the rim is clean, you can move on to the front. Remember to rinse all the parts thoroughly so as not to leave any cleaner residue.
  7. If you have very embedded dirt, try applying the Chemical Guys remover or pass a clay bar with sufficient lubrication (Clay Bar). Since it must be disposed of after passing it through the rim, it is advisable to use a clay bar that is already somewhat dirty.
  8. Apply a generous amount of tire protection/shine. A specific applicator will facilitate this task.
  9. For a perfect result, apply a layer of synthetic wax on the rim. As usual, allow to dry and remove the residue with a microfibre towel.
  10. Apply a new layer of protector/polish to the tire.

Also, in this website, you can learn how to clean the oxidized headlights of your vehicle. A combination of car washing and waxing with other small detailing tricks will make any old car look shiny.

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