Tips for Choosing an Assisted-Living Facility


Choosing assisted-living care is something many more people are now facing as the large population group of the baby-boomers becomes older. For those seeking quality residential care Camarillo is a community worth considering.

Camarillo is a small city with a population of around 65,000. It is in Ventura County on the northwestern side of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. It is a lovely area near Moorpark that is known for its terrific weather and mild climate. There is sunny weather in Camarillo about 300 days each year.

A Natural Approach for Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are more pleasant when they are like living in a nice home. Personalized care makes living easier for the elderly. 24-hour supervision, with emergency medical attention, is a priority for safety when selecting a facility for another person. However, from a resident’s point of view, the big challenge is loneliness and boredom.

It is nice when a residential care facility is located in a small community, on a quiet street, near a natural park, or another interesting area, which is only a short walk away. One of the best things for older adults to do is to get outside, go for a walk (supervised if needed), and enjoy other outdoor activities.

No matter how nice the facility is inside, it is better if it is nice to go outside as well. Picking a residential care Camarillo facility is a great location because going outside is almost always pleasant.


One simple test of the community spirit found in a particular assisted care facility is to visit it and ask some residents if they have any friends in the facility. It is more difficult for elderly adults to make friends. Nevertheless, everybody does better with a few friends.

Activities that encourage group participation such as card games, sing-a-longs, movie nights, shopping excursions, recreational day-trips, and art and crafts are highly desirable.

Gourmet Food and Special Diets

Good eating is very important because the number one complaint about assisted care facilities is the lack of delicious food. Special diets, based on personal choice, medical, or religious needs, should be accommodated without the food being completely bland.

Independence and Levels of Care

The goal of assisted-living should be for the staff to provide enough support while allowing the residents to maintain as much independence as possible. It is difficult to move to an assisted-living facility for the first time. Some may feel depressed about this change until they get more used to the idea of living differently. It is more difficult to change locations as a person becomes older.

A wise strategy when choosing a facility is considering current needs and planning for future needs that may require more care.


Select a facility that is licensed, well maintained, fully staffed, in a good location, with delicious food, and that offers plenty of activities. In this way, assisted living can be thought of in a new way, kind of like an extended vacation at a resort.

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