Things To Take Care Of Before Water Restoration


Problems like a flood in certain areas are quite common and hence owner should be preparing for its after-effects as well. Once the water of the flood starts recording, the process of cleaning the house should be started immediately. That is why while considering rebuilding only the water damage restoration company in St. Louis should be chosen because they have all gears and equipment needed. The only reason why such a process should be quickly done is that most of the houses are made of wood. Under flood water, wood gets submerged and the mold starts building up. Other issues also start happening such as deterioration and insect infestation that needs to be acted upon quickly.

Steps that should be followed:

The water damage restoration company in St. Louis probably must be on its way to work on the damages. But till that time the homeowner needs to follow some crucial steps for everyone’s safety.

Have clarity on Flood Insurance Claims

If there is flood insurance for which the homeowner has been paying the premium then the insurance adjuster must be contacted sooner. Before the whole salvage and clean-up process is started, take pictures of the whole home covering its condition. Waiting for the adjuster can be more time taking. That is why it is better to use the clicked home pictures as inventory. Make sure pictures are clear enough for the adjuster to see all the damages.

Electrical Systems

It is important to make sure all the gas and electric services are turned off before even entering the premises for the very first time. If the owner has no idea how the main switch should be turned off then get an electrician checked for all the unsafe conditions and grounds and then request him to reconnect the system again.

Water and food sanitization:

Till the time utility and local water company announce that the water source is safe to be resumed, the owner should drink or use the water only after thorough purification. Even to wash the body part the purified water should be used. It is better to even survive on all metal can food for some time till the whole restriction process is done. The flood contaminants all spoons and boards should be discarded immediately.


It is important to open the flooded wall even if they don’t seem to be undamaged. This way the risk of odor and mold can be prevented in the future. In such a case remove excess water from the structure using ventilation. The wallboard should have some holes so the insulated wall can be drained out well. The panels that are not damaged should be reinstalled only after they are cleaned up.


Flood water is not clean water and hence homeowner should not simply rely on doing it on their own. If there is porous building material around the home then it should be removed and replaced quickly using new material. Besides, any kind of electrical and structural damages from the outside area needs to be checked to see if the area is safe. Whether it is to check the safety hazards or work on water damage, it is better to hire a water damage Restoration Company in St. Louis who shall take care of it all.

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