The Roles of a Loss Prevention Officer for Your Business in Houston


As a business owner, you must deal with theft on a regular basis. A certain crime survey estimated that internal and external illegal actions such as thefts and shoplifting cost businesses roughly 50% of their income. Loss Prevention Officers (LPOs) are employed to prevent such criminal conduct, which results in significant losses for retail store owners.

What Is a Loss Prevention Officer and What Does He or She Do?

Loss Prevention Officers are security experts that monitor all actions within and around retail stores. They don’t merely keep an eye on the exits like a security guard. Instead, they oversee all customer and employee interior activities, as well as entrance, exit, and emergency gates. Loss Prevention Officers are usually present in the store, but they also keep an eye on things by watching CCTV surveillance systems on a regular basis. Loss Prevention Officers in Houston are dedicated and confident to serve you properly and maintain the etiquette of retail stores, and they are rarely suited up in uniform, so they go unnoticed if they are physically present in the store keeping an eye on all activities.

Duties of A Loss Prevention Officer

  1. Security and Physical Inspections

Loss Prevention Officers ensure that no dangerous or fatal objects are present in retail establishments. To do so, they physically audit every corner of retail stores, including the storerooms where all of the products are stored, ensuring that no repeat disasters occur. They also perform frequent security checks on all employees, including security guards, at the retail business. These Loss Prevention Officers assume full responsibility for everything related to security, whether directly or indirectly, by behaving themselves fairly and with entire dedication. They’ve been well-trained to stay alert and spy on people in a strange manner, so that no one can doubt them.

  1. In-Store Employee Training

Loss Prevention Officers can also provide training and security system management for retail store employees. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of security, from teaching fundamental principles to administering security systems. A well-informed Loss Prevention Officer is a valuable resource. Employee theft is a big crime that occurs in almost all retail establishments, regardless of whether they are local or multinational brands.

  1. Keeping Track of Each Step

According to the Loss Prevention Research Council, 44 percent of clients said that theft might be easily identified if personnel were adequately monitoring them at the time of theft. To reduce the possibility of in-store thefts, burglaries, and money fraud, Loss Prevention Officers keep a close eye on everything, including the cash registers. As a preventative step, they also manage the alarm systems and other security measures.

A Word from Ranger Security Agency

Hiring a Loss Prevention Officer in plain clothes is thus a win-win situation. Obtaining them is a significant benefit in maintaining all security requirements and meeting the required expectations. At Ranger Security Agency, we supply Loss Prevention Officers who are well-trained and meet all of the necessary requirements. Our highly trained officers are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each officer is put through a thorough training.

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