The New Normal – 5 reasons why you need a Real Estate Listing site for Washington Based Properties


The DC metro is the country’s 4th most valuable residential market with a reported value gain of $75 billion throughout 2020. Every year, hundreds of luxurious properties are listed for sale in the DC area making it harder for the buyers to single out the best ones for their needs and budget limitations. In fact, there is much more that goes into sealing the best deal in the market and things may get even worse for you if you are a first-time homebuyer. You may not be familiar with the agency disclosure intricacies and the concepts of a seller’s agent and buyer’s agent may sound too foreign to you. If that sounds like ‘You’, a real estate listing site might be your best bet to start your property search from.

Stats also show that the increased use of the internet in our everyday lives makes online real estate listings a hotspot for property search. And, that’s more so in these times of the pandemic where most businesses have gone online. According to the National Association of Realtors, a whopping 51 percent of home buyers ultimately purchase a home that they find online. What’s even more interesting is that around 33 percent of these home buyers find their estate agents during the online property search as well.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you need a real estate listing site for buying Washington-based properties.

1. Covid-19 Has Made Online Listings The New Normal

Even though online listings used to be a popular choice for homebuyers in search of the best properties in Washington DC even before the pandemic, it has become the new normal since the COVID-19 outbreak. Physical interactions are a big no and everyone prefers to get things done virtually online.

2. Exposure To More Luxury Properties

When you browse through the best real estate listing sites looking for Washington-based properties, you also get access to DC MLS real estate – a big database of properties available for sale shared among real estate brokers. An MLS enables brokers to check each other’s property listings and the ultimate goal of this service is to connect buyers with sellers.

3. Access To Every Bit Of Details About The Property

Besides eliminating the need for physical visits and interactions, online listings save a considerable amount of time by screening out properties based on the information shared. Quite often, these website listings have every single detail highlighted to let you decide if you want to proceed further or not.

4. Comparative Market Analysis

Most credible real estate listing sites also offer details like comparative market analysis with information on comparable homes and their selling price. Factors like property features and the condition of the home are taken into account to determine the value of a property. This information helps you better decide what properties are worth investing in.

5. 3D Virtual Tours

With 3D virtual tours available at some of the top listing websites, you can almost eliminate the need for in-person visits just to have a look at each property. These virtual tours take you inside the property and give you the real feel of it. So, you can easily shortlist properties from the DC MLS real estate and may only need in-person visits with your agent when you have to close the deal.

Real estate listing sites have taken a lot of hassle out of the home-buying process. From having the most credible agents on your side to reducing the need for in-person visits, there are multiple benefits on offer. Get in touch with today to start your property hunt.

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