The Health Effects Of Cannabis- Informed Opinions


Cannabis popularly known as marijuana or weed has been known to affect those who take it. The effect of taking cannabis varies. It varies depending on the reason why it is being taken. If the reason for taking it is due to doctor’s prescription, there will be changes in the body system after usage but if it is for recreational purpose or fun, the effect varies depending on the amount of cannabis consumed. How does a dispensary owner make sure that the drug does not let patients get high? A dispensary owner does this by taking a look at the medical report and marijuana’s Card to determine what the patient wants to get the cannabis for. This will determine the amount of cannabis to be taken each day.

Cannabis has been known to incite people who use it. This is due to the fact that it contains a particular chemical that excite the part of the brain known for pleasure, food and sex. The powerful effect of cannabis lasts up to three hours for some persons while others an hour or two. Sometimes, those using medical marijuana also feel this way. It attacks your mode of thinking and the way you see things which could affect other things like walking on the street. It also affect the health of those suffering depression. Using it while depressed can cause anxiety and make you scared. There is a high probability of feeling hungry frequently and wanting to eat double of what you would eat if you were not taking cannabis. How does a dispensary owner make patients feel better? By prescribing drugs to reduce pain in the joints and any other part of your body while treating insomnia for others.

By prescribing the correct dosage to stop vomiting caused by chemotherapy and seizures caused by epilepsy. It is known to cause women with pregnancy, premature babies. Some persons have been known to suffer addiction due to the fact that they have been using cannabis in their youth and cannot do without taking it every time. They do not measure their intake and take it when they feel the urge to. Some cannot function without cannabis. They do not mind missing opportunities. All they care about is their marijuana. One of the negative effect is that cannabis makes it easy to forget things, so many suffer from memory loss and some persons take it tofeek that high so that they can forget the things they are going through

How does a dispensary owner make sure that the marijuana is not abused

By ensuring that patients who come to them have their marijuana card to show that they are legally authorised to take it.

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