The conditions an immigrant need to qualify for an asylum


We have seen a lot of violence happening around the globe. People are trying very hard to survive through each day within the worst conditions they are facing in their country. Political violence, armed conflicts, and things like these are making the survival of many people very difficult. We have heard many immigrant stories by the people who have been through all of this. Many of them fly to another country in hope of security and a better life. Every country has different laws for the people who flee from their country. An asylum is a place where such people are kept.

You must be thinking that asylum might be an exhausting place to stay. But trust me it is solely made for the protection of people who come to the host country for the sake of security. The government makes sure that the refugees who are kept here don’t face any difficulty and are given complete rights as per the law. Asylum is not granted to everyone. You need to qualify for it. Like every other country, the United States of America also has certain conditions that should be met by one to be granted asylum. Once you meet these conditions then it is granted to you and you are given full security by the government. Below are the conditions that one should meet to get qualified for asylum.

Meet the definition of a refugee:

We would like to tell you the meaning of persecution before going into the details of this condition. Persecution is a word that is most commonly used when one has to explain the ill-treatment that is being done with a person in a country. When a person is abused or maltreated in a country because of his or her religious or political beliefs then this is what persecution is called. The first condition that you need to meet to get qualified for asylum is to prove to the government as per U.S law that you are a refugee. A refugee is a person who leaves the country because of persecution. You need to prove to the government that you have been a victim of past persecution or you have a fear of being persecuted in the future. You have to give all the details regarding the ill-treatment you faced in the past country you resided in.

One of all five grounds:

The law of the USA has made five grounds based on which your persecution should be. You just need to match one ground to be able to get into the asylum. We will discuss them one by one.


Many people are judged based on their race. If the person has to leave his home country because of being ill-treated by race will be granted asylum.


There are thousands of religions in the whole world and every person should have a right of practicing their religion without any fear. Well, that’s not the case in many countries. Many people have to face violence and death threats for practicing their religion. In such a situation people flee from the country they reside in. A person who is persecuted for this reason can also apply for asylum.


All of us know that every person residing in a country doesn’t share the same nationality. The government or citizens of some countries behave very badly with the people who are not the citizens of their country. They are persecuted based on their nationality. Any such person is also allowed to seek asylum in the USA.

Political opinion: 

All human beings are different and have a right to form an opinion about anything. Like this only one has a complete right to have a political opinion independent from any fear or person. Any person who faces persecution based on having different political opinions from others have a full right of seeking asylum.

Membership in a particular social group:

We already said this thing above and will repeat it that every individual has a right of doing what they feel right to do. The government of many countries doesn’t understand this thing and do maltreatment with people being a part of a particular social group. This is the fifth ground based on which one can seek asylum in the USA as per the law.

Immigrant needs to be in the U.S:

Laws are made to make the people accountable for the acts that they do. They are never made to make life difficult for people. There are several laws in the United States of America through which you can apply for certain things in the USA even by not being in this country. The U.S law kept the condition of being in the USA at the time of seeking asylum. You need to be in the USA at the time of applying for asylum.

Should not participate in the persecution of others:

We already told you what persecution is. It is a wrong act and should not be done by anyone. But what if a person applying for asylum has participated in the persecution of others in the past? Do you think the U.S law would grant asylum to such a person? The answer is no for sure. U.S law strictly states that a person who wants to seek asylum in the country should never be a part of any persecution.

Free from crime:

Terrorists and criminals are always the worst part of a nation. These people are not appreciated in any corner of the world. Such people are dangerous for the security of the country. A country like the USA would never allow a person with criminal charges to enter or stay in the country. A refugee who is thinking of seeking asylum in the United States of America should not be involved in any terrorist group or act and should be free from any criminal charges.

Choosing the right law firm to handle this matter is very important. Half of your burden will be reduced and you will feel relieved in the matter of your persecution. But make sure you follow the conditions mentioned above.

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