The Colorful Truth of Carpet Stair Runner


stair carpet Despite the fact that they have been used for many years as a traditional covering for stairways, stair runners are today one of the most popular and in-demand flooring improvements. A stair runner not only provides excellent traction for the safety of your children and dogs, but it also adds a wonderful accent to the overall aesthetic of your home, making it look more inviting.

What exactly is a stair runner you ask?

A stair runner is a bound carpet  that, in contrast to carpeted steps, does not cover the entire staircase. Instead, it leaves several inches of the underlying flooring visible on either side of the runner. And because a stair runner is normally built over tile or hardwood, it preserves your steps, ensuring that they do not need to be refinished, while still enabling the beauty of your stairs to be seen.

Created with an Eye for Impact

A stunning stair runner that has been custom-made is the kind of design detail that is ideal for drawing the focus of your eyes and leading you visually to another area. In addition, there are thousands of different colors, designs, and patterns from which to choose, so your stair runner can either make a dramatic statement with its pattern or just complement the design choices you have already made.

Practical Benefits

In addition to its aesthetically pleasing appearance, a stair runner offers a number of functional advantages. It is often put with a thin pad below so that it is comfortable to walk on, is fantastic for reducing noise, and provides excellent traction for children and animals. The fact that our stair runners can be cleaned and vacuumed in the same manner as our carpet makes them the ideal alternative for households that are constantly on the go.

How to Select the Appropriate Stair Runner

Some of the more traditional alternatives for stair runners include patterned sisal, geometric designs on a small or medium scale, large-scale patterns, animal prints, and stripes; but, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. There are some materials that should be avoided, such as extremely thick plush, which could cause safety issues, and silk or linen, which may not be able to stand up to the wear and tear of a busy household; however, with the vast number of options for high traffic carpeting that are available, you are sure to find one that is perfect for your style.

When it comes to the actual installation, there are a few different choices available to you:

The carpet is installed in such a way that it can cascade down from the riser without being attached to it. This type of installation is called a waterfall. This has the potential to produce a spectacular effect. This is the most usual way of installation because of how clean it looks, and it is typically utilized with carpets that have a thicker pile.

The installation comprises a wrap that is pulled taut around the nose of the step, and the carpet is fastened underneath it.