Step by Step Guide for Playing WMV Videos on Mac


When you want to get a hold of quality video format, then WMV format is in the first

place. This is a format that can be played in any video player such as Windows Media

Player, Real Player, Media Player Classic, Real Player, etc. VLC player is the most popular

video player can also play this format, but there is a catch behind playing them on Mac.

Mac users find it very difficult to pay this format on Mac OS X. VLC cannot play WMV file in any of its Mac operating systems. This problem makes it very hectic as people prefer WMV videos massively. It is crucial to get rid of this problem. The proves of getting rid of this problem is quite simple and doesn’t take much time. You just have to convert the WMV files to MOV on Mac operating system. This is because the MOV file is quite compatible with both the concerns. It can be played in VLC and also on Mac OS.

Procedure for converting WMV to MOV format

The WMV file can be compatible with VLC if they converted to MOV format. There are different converter available for doing so. One of the best video converters for that process is EaseFab Video Converter. This is an optimal converter that has seamless features that provide maximum efficiency. Apart from converting WMV files, you can also convert VOB, MKV, MTS/M2TS to MOV format with optimal encoding speed and great quality.

Here we are providing the step to step process for converting the WMV files to MOV format easily. Following are the simple steps that can help you in doing so:

  • The foremost process is to add WMV files. You just have to launch the program and select the WMV file that is going to be converted. There is an Add file button in the program that can easily help you add the video to the program.
  • The next step to designate the file format to which you are going to convert the WMV file. In the dialog box, you just have to select the output video file format as MOV. There are different presets available in the program that provides practical functions.
  • The last step concludes with permission to convert. Just click on the convert button and get your desired MOV file. Find the output file in the desired file that has all the downloaded materials. Now you can easily play the desired video in the VLC on your Mac OS.

Elmedia: An Ideal Convertor:

Not Just this, Elmedia is another known and famous best player for mp4 movies on

Mac that is an ideal to convert and import files. It supports various formats and files.

Mac users can blindly rely on this converter without giving much thoughts. No technical

errors will be encountered while you convert files and mp4 movies on Mac.


What about the process of playing the WMV file in VLC on windows OS?

VLC is among the best player for mp4 movies on Mac as well as Windows OS. As there are some problems with playing the WMV file via VLC on Mac video player, but VLC effectively works on windows OS. Windows media video is equipped with some of the codecs that are functional with windows media player. This makes it quite easy to play WMV format in VLC on windows OS.

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