Sex dolls are on their way back to the market


The vast majority of men remember, or have heard of, the time the first real doll returned to the market in the 60s and 70s. These inflatable dolls were thought of as an innovative masturbation product that should give men the feeling of having real sex.

However, the good old real dolls have changed their function over the years, which mean that today they are most often bought as a fun gimmick for round birthdays, stag parties or student driving. However, this is not because men have stopped using sex dolls, as these are on their way to becoming one of the market’s most frequently purchased products.

You can safely buy a sex doll without being disappointed

There are many women who do not understand why men bother to spend money on an ‘indifferent hole they can put the shit into’. However, with the newer models of sex dolls, you can have such a real-life experience that you can completely forget that it is a doll you lie in and not a real woman.

Men have easier contact with their inner fantasies than women have. Therefore, men can better imagine that their hottest fantasies about a naughty doctor appointment or the classic with the young woman in schoolgirl uniform, if they place their new sex doll on a table edge and masturbate in this way.

There are many benefits to our newer editions, if you weigh them up against the old real doll- see for example these lists, compiled on the basis of consumer reviews;

Benefits of new sex dolls

  • Soft and delicious skin-like material
  • Perfect size to have in the closet or under the bed
  • Do not inflate
  • Available with interchangeable sleeves
  • Can be heated with hot water or heating element
  • Easy to clean
  • Lets you live your fantasies
  • Better than the pocket fish

Make your own sex doll collection set

Some women are lured into the sex doll market due to the newer sex dolls that reflect a nice masculine washboard with associated large and nice erection. But these women do not see the meaning of penetration opening at the anus – this is because the products are created for men and not for women.

Whether you turn on one or the other, one should not feel cocky or shy about buying a sex doll. These can be used again and again, they never get tired and they never say no.

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