Reasons to have cosmetic surgery abroad


Under the knife in a strange land 

Going under the knife? Why not add a vacation to the list! Medical tourism has been an increasing trend for many individuals seeking plastic surgery abroad. With the increase in healthcare prices for most countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and other western countries, many of the individuals who require cosmetic surgery have sought exotic locations for the reduced cost of plastic surgery abroad. Reduced air transport cost has also made it a more sensible choice opting to travel overseas.

What are my options?

For most folks wondering whether to seek plastic surgery overseas or opt for in-house surgery, several factors can be weighed to make the right choice. These may include but not limited to, the following:

I. Cost of travel

This can be considered a no brainer for most people as it would be insensible to choose a far off expensive destination. Despite being cheaper, if the total cost for traveling plus surgery cost are now more than seeking a similar operation within one’s own country, it would be advisable to seek the latter.

For most Americans and Europeans in Western Europe, the preferred destination of choice for these individuals who are seeking cosmetic surgery in Eastern Europe, which offers a lower cost of plastic surgery overseas.

II. Shorter waiting queues

For most people, the agony of waiting in line for periods of 3 to 6 months to get cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty surgery is off-putting. This is usually the case in large national hospitals and firms in countries such as the United States and the UK.

In most foreign countries such as Thailand, the local population has less waiting times as few locals are seeking these services. This reduces the waiting time to barely a few weeks or even days, thus appeal to most foreigners.

III. Specialized surgeries

It might be surprising to most people to learn that foreign surgeons are more skilled in specialized cosmetic surgeries such as gender reassignment surgery. This happens as most of the western countries have performed fewer operations in comparison to foreign countries such as Thailand. Surgeons in such countries thus have a higher success rate and charge less for the operations.

IV. Privacy concerns

Plastic surgeries are often deemed as controversial by most people, which can lead to a sense of discomfort seeking the service within one’s own country. From celebrities to everyday soccer mums, many people prefer to go about the procedure discretely. What better way is there than taking a plane ticket to an exotic location to undergo surgery and recover?

Despite the list not being exhaustive, other reasons for going abroad are a more excellent range of available procedures, combining vacation with a trip to the doctor, and better hospitality in foreign countries.

Reducing risks upon deciding

Upon deciding the best destination to venture off to, most individuals are encouraged to search diligently about the procedures they are about to undergo. This can be done through independent online feedbacks from other patients who have gone through the same surgeries as well as reviews for the different institutions or practitioners offering the service.

The British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) also gives guidelines to various detailed considerations to patients seeking plastic surgery abroad. It is therefore advisable to have contingency plans for worst-case scenarios should something go wrong through prior insurance arrangements.

Popular destinations 

With all bags packed and ready to go, one might wonder which some of the best places to go for cosmetic surgeries are. Popular destinations include Poland, Turkey, Brazil, Thailand, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Some of these countries are also known for other attractions such as sandy beaches and great clubbing scenes. Why not have it all?


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