Bauhaus Furniture has its origins in Germany and was a prominent influential factor in the world of architecture, design, art and overall interior decorating. There isn’t any interior decorator or architect who exists and doesn’t know about the term Bauhaus Furniture and the entailing impact that it evinces.

The Mies BRNO chair is one such incredible creation that encompasses the very best aspects that Bauhaus furniture has to offer. This amazing piece of furniture contains many principles that vindicate its potential and aesthetical excellence. These principles can be elaborated in detail as following:

Principle pertaining to Simplicity:

Bauhaus furniture and its influence can be felt in certain situations like sitting at your desk in school or shopping for groceries etc. that is because the specific ambiance that Bauhaus furniture evinces is founded on the principle of simplicity. The furniture that is based on this principle is reduced to constituent components. That is because the creations of Bauhaus furniture are intended to be practical and workable above all.

The Mies BRNO chair is no exception to this principle. It is founded on the notion that a chair doesn’t necessarily require four legs. If built-in a cantilever manner, where a single c-shaped bar bears the weight of the whole structure, then there isn’t any need for this complexity. The sleek, shiny, modernistic and lightweight style of the Mies BRNO chair also exudes simplicity and is congruent with one’s sense in visual pulchritude.

Principle pertaining to Practicality:

Another principle that the Mies BRNO chair contains is that of practicality. It is a piece from Bauhaus Furniture which is known for being beautiful and practical in nature. These chairs can light up a room with their style and appearance, but they are also pretty pragmatic. Each and everyone in the mass public can use them easily and conveniently.

Bauhaus Furniture evinces simplicity because this allows it to be mass-produced and be accessible by everyone. Materials like plastic, glass, steel, plywood, etc. were therefore used in making Bauhaus furniture precisely because of this principle. The Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer is a great example of this fact.

Principle pertaining to Style:

Being practical doesn’t mean that the Mies BRNO chair is lacking style. It is refined, stylish, scintillating and sleek. One look and you fall in love with the unique cantilever design. The Mies BRNO chair comprises of all the required elements pertaining to style and design based excellence. You can place it in any room, be it a dining room, sitting room, guest room, etc. It will still manage to appear prominent and distinctively noticeable. This can be attributed to its immaculate and fashionable design and its breathtaking contours.

So, you get the benefit of both style and practicality when you purchase this chair. This chair is the best if you are interested in acquiring a piece of Bauhaus Furniture for your own use. This is one chair that will not let you down in the nuances of style and practicality.