Overwatch: The Unnecessary Pieces of Lore


Overwatch is an online game that is going to celebrate its third birthday and Blizzard decides to create a special surprise for every fan – a story-driven sequel of Overwatch. Overwatch 2 was announced at the BlizzCon 2019 and everyone lost their minds.

If you will look at this from the wider perspective you will notice that this is a good thing. Overwatch was always well-known for its amazing story and many players demand something to expand this part of the game. Blizzard with the engine of the Overwatch just could not satisfy these desires of the fan base so they decided to slowly reveal some lore details through the short cinematic videos, digital comics, and some in-game events. The recent short stories were built around old heroes – Ana, Soldier 76, but the newest one highlighted the new hero. This hero was Baptiste, the support that is armed with the biotic launcher that could deal damage to enemies and heal allies. A detailed review of this hero will appear a bit later, this article is not about him. Even these short stories are not enough to open the necessary details and each of these heroes was left blank, we still do not know almost anything about them.

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Overwatch as a franchise will benefit from the releasing Overwatch 2, the whole story is just too good to leave in uncover. If developers would be able to establish the whole canon thing in the game it could create an extremely wide fandom, that would be highly appreciated by both sides – the players, they will receive the data they wanted, and the Blizzard themselves.

Most of the Overwatch players agreed in one thing – the story that is forwarded a little only a few times per year is not a great story. This may lead fans to the wrong interpretation of every data we are receiving from the Blizzard and would lead to the creation of the strange fanfiction stories, fan arts and even the very motivations of each Overwatch character (like that crazy story about psychopath Mei). This time Blizzard decides to act and they will debunk every wrong theory and conclusion that will not fit into their vision of the OW world. I completely understand them, it is Blizzard’s right to do everything they want with the Overwatch’s lore, but this may lead not only to the excitement from the side of the community but also to the apprehension from the same side.

The lack of content is opening many new opportunities for the content creators and that may lead to the expansion of the whole community. On the web, you could find versions of characters that could not be recognized if you will meet them as to how they were represented in the game.