Nine mistakes people make while booking a new home in St. George, Utah


The entire process of buying a house can be overwhelming and expensive. From closing costs, down payments home inspection to a home appraisal, a buyer can exhaust all the savings if he or she is not careful. The decisions made when searching for houses for sale in St George Utah can result in lifetime joy or end up cursing the moves you made. 

By taking time to learn about the process of buying a new home in St George real estate market, you stand a chance to make the right decisions. In this post, we feature nine mistakes made by first-time homebuyers when booking a property in St George Utah. You will learn the top mistakes that can result in regrets, and we will tell you what to do to avoid each of these mistakes. 

  • Choosing a risky home mortgage product

When buying a house for the first time, chances are that you are taking out a loan to finance the new property.  Due to the excitement that comes with the decision to purchase a property, the first-time buyer ends up choosing a loan product without giving some serious thought before making a decision. The result is that you get into loans that you might not be able to repay. 

If you are applying for a home mortgage to finance the home buying process, first seek an understanding of the different loan products available in the market. Not every mortgage product is suitable for everyone. Although you qualify for a certain product, that does not warranty that it is the right product for you. instead, work with an experienced Utah real Estate agent who will introduce you to reliable loan officers to help you choose the most appropriate home mortgage product. 

  • Overspending on a home

In some instances, home mortgage lenders will offer to the borrower the maximum amount that they qualify for, based on the credit report. You find that you have a high loan limit, and are so excited to apply for the sum amount. The result is that your debt to income ratio will be overstretched when it comes to repaying that loan. Owing to that, affording the cost of home maintenance becomes very difficult. 

To avoid such a scenario, only work in the budget when purchasing a property. Do not just apply for the whole amount because you qualify. Just take the sum of the amount you can comfortably repay without strain. 

  • Not seeking pre approval before starting the home booking process

Why should you book home for sale in St. George Utah without knowing that the lenders will fund you? This can result in disappointments when you finally realize that the lenders cannot pre qualify you for the loan. 

Instead, go through the loan pre approval process before booking a property. This is to make sure you are not going for a property that you cannot afford, which can result in losing the amount used to book the property. 

  • Skipping the home inspection stage

Home inspections are important although not a must when purchasing a property in St George Utah real estate market. However, it is advisable that you invest some time inspecting the property before committing to purchase it. Talk to a professional home inspector to make sure that the property you are about to buy is in good condition. 

  • Not shopping around

St. George real estate provides several options for homebuyers to select when searching for an ideal property. The properties for sale in St George Utah, fall in different characteristics, each with features that are meant to serve different preferences. Take time and shop around to find a property that meets your preferences. In addition, you can save a substantial amount of money by shopping around. 

  • Visit the property multiple times

You will be shocked that visiting a property multiple times, you learn something new about a property each time. This gives you an opportunity to study the neighborhood.

  • Not working with a real estate agent

Even when purchasing from the real property owner, it is advisable that you consult an experienced St George Utah real estate agent. The real estate agent in Utah will help you in different stages in the entire process of home buying in Utah. 

  • Not considering the total homeownership cost

The cost of homeownership is not just the amount you pay to purchase the property. Ideally, there is so much more to it than meets the eye. You ought to consider the annual property maintenance cost, homeowners association costs, among others. These together are what comprise the total homeownership costs. The objective is to ensure you can afford all the recurring costs. 

  • Assuming the counteroffer is not negotiable

When the home seller mentions a counteroffer, it is still negotiable. Talk to an experienced real estate agent to help you through the negotiations and closing. 

Now you know the mistakes that most new homebuyers end up making when purchasing a property. Talk to an expert for assistance when buying property within St George Real Estate. 


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