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MySQL has become one of the most popular relational database management systems due to its valuable benefits such as free license, easy integration with web technologies, advantages ofopen-source software and many others. Those benefits persuade many companies to migrate databases from proprietor DBMS with strict licenses and high cost of ownership to MySQL.

Many database specialists know migration between different systems or platforms is a complicated procedure that takes a lot of time and efforts when doing manually. It is reasonable to use dedicated software tools and solutions to automate database migration, especially for large corporate scale data warehouses. One of such products is MySQL Migration Toolkit offered by software company focused on database migration and synchronization since 2001.

MySQL Migration Toolkit is a collection of conversion tools to migrate databases from PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, FoxPro, IBM DB2, SQLite, Firebird to MySQL and backward. It also works with all popular cloud implementation of those DBMS such as Azure SQL, Amazon RDS, Google Cloud and others.

Implementation of reading and writing databases through low level API allows to reach the best performance of migration that is about 20000 rows per second on an average modern hardware system. Each converter included in MySQL Migration Toolkit supports command line arguments to automate database migration via scripting or scheduling. Also, the product allows to store conversion settings into profile to simplify next running of migration procedure.

For those situations when direct connection to MySQL server is not available, MySQL Migration Toolkit provides option of exporting the source database into a local SQL script file. That script file includes MySQL commands to create all required database entries and to insert the data. Following this way users can transfer the resulting script file to MySQL server via FTP and then to import it into MySQL database locally using the standard tools like command line client or phpMyAdmin.

Key features of MySQL Migration Toolkit:

  • all versions of Unix/Linux/Windows MySQL are supported including such forks as MariaDB and Percona and SAAS platforms
  • schemas, data, indexes, constraints and most syntax patterns of views are migrated
  • option to modify name, type, default value and NULL-attribute for any column as well as exclude some columns from migration
  • option to specify MySQL engine type (ISAM, MyISAM, HEAP, InnoDB or BDB) and code page
  • option to merge and synchronize existing destination tables with the data source
  • intuitive wizard-style interface and comprehensive documentation

Also, MySQL Migration Toolkit has the following restrictions:

  • views with syntax patterns having no direct equivalent in the target DBMS may not be converted properly
  • stored procedures, functions and triggers are not migrated
  • free demo version migrates not more than fifty rows per table and does not convert foreign keys

Visit the official site of Intelligent Converters company to learn more information about MySQL Migration Toolkit.


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