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Do you know what is the most fundamental thing for the valuation of your car at the time of sale? The state of conservation. It is a constant and obvious reality: well-maintained vehicles, aesthetically and mechanically, reach buyers more easily. You can use the on demand reviews there now.

Even the depreciation of the well-maintained vehicle tends to be smoother. Do you know how best to keep your four wheels “whole”? Car overhaul as scheduled. During the car overhaul, numerous components are observed and, when necessary, these will be replaced.

  • Thinking about the dilemma of all those who want to keep their car up to date at the time of resale, we have created this mega guide on the review of the car. Check now all the curiosities about car review.
  • Essentially, the review is a battery of tests that will diagnose your car’s health. At that time, the state of conservation and functioning of all vehicle components and systems, whether mechanical or electrical, will be observed.

After diagnosis, if there are faults or problems that may become larger in the future, the responsible workshop will carry out the preventive replacement of some parts. In this way, carrying out the overhaul of used cars is essential, as you leave there with a functional, aligned and mechanically safe car to run.

In addition, we need to pay special attention to the periodic review. It can be a little annoying, since by the manufacturer’s guidance it is predetermined to happen and does not depend on the owner’s intention.

  • Keeping the car manual with the periodicals stamped is one of the best ways to win over a buyer: by whim and care.
  • Even because the recurring monitoring offered in the periodicals allows the car to be under constant analysis and maintenance.
  • Mechanics are able to perceive future problems by monitoring the conservation of the cars closely. With this, it gains in the extension of the useful life, since the wear of the parts is reduced.

What is the frequency indicated for the review?

The most popular practice among drivers and automakers is to respect the following parameter: review every 6 months or 10,000 kilometers.

Until then, you could check two period parameters: the one programmed by the automaker and the specific one per part. But what about after 20 thousand km? The 20 to 40 thousand km window requires some extra care, such as:

  • All revisions noted above
  • Replacement of the windshield vane
  • Checking the condition of the transmission hoods and, if necessary, replacing them.

In the 40 to 60 thousand kilometers window, the list of items increases, checking and, if necessary, replacing:

The thermostatic valve

It is the existing, the camshaft belt. In the period from 60 to 80 thousand kilometers, the following is added in the verification and replacement:

  • set of tires
  • suspension
  • maintenance of the shock absorber
  • Fuel hoses.

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