Learn the basics of web design


The websites are the main portal for most companies and public services, which vary in content and differ in terms of the content presented in them, whether news, commercial, entertainment or otherwise, and they are web pages that contain files, pictures, audios and topics and are linked between them to be stored On the web server, it has everything you are looking for and you can express your opinion and communicate with the site owners as well, and some take it as a source of profit for it in terms of content and display ads.

And because of the proliferation of these websites, it is necessary to excel in their design in order to attract visitors to them and participants, and we will learn here on the correct way to design these websites in order to show the required attention to everyone browsing.

What is the concept of web design?

Electronic websites are a group of web pages that are linked to each other by a specific server, and are displayed on the web browser of the used computer or mobile devices, and it contains the starting page that links other pages to each other or is a gateway to some other website.

And the process of designing websites means creating the site that contains several pages and dividing them in terms of the specific goals and the way that you want them to appear in order in the website, and planning each page of the website’s pages with appropriate design in terms of content or graphic design of the site.

Until the websites are created, the HTML language is used to link the pages. CSS is used for the site’s design in terms of colors and fonts and appears as a template to be modified before the site is created, as well as some ready-to-use and adjustable templates.

Types of websites

According to the latest statistics in 2012, the number of websites reaches 580 million sites on the world wide web, but certainly not all of these websites target the same audience or even display the same content.

Therefore, the goals of the websites differ from one another, including the news or private social networking sites, or even personal websites that display individual literature or experiences, and we mention here the types of websites and their addresses:

News sites:

These sites contain the latest news in various fields, and some of these websites are affiliated with their own news channels that are shown on TV, in which the dates of the programs that are shown and exclusive news are provided and their address ends in com.

Commercial sites:

These websites contain the exhibits, products or services that the site provides, and they are purchased by the user and the buyer can communicate with the site’s customer service, as well as evaluations on each service or product by users, and the Internet address in it ends with com.

  • Recreational sites

These sites contain exclusive art topics and entertainment news, as well as some audio and images attached to them, and their Internet address ends with com.

Educational sites

These sites contain educational centers, whether it is distance education or the sites for other educational centers, such as universities or institutes, and their Internet address ends with edu.

Governmental websites

These sites contain information about specific government agencies such as departments or ministries of countries and procedures for specific documents, so they work to facilitate the process of accessing information in them, and their Internet address ends in gov.

Personal Websites

These sites are considered for specific individuals, in the sense that they do not represent any organizations, facilities or companies, they are for expressing opinion or for displaying the literature of the owner of the site or even his own experiences, and their Internet address ends with com.

The foundations of web design

Because of the competition in website design and its spread in the recent period, you must obtain a distinguished website, and therefore you must follow some of the basics when designing the site in order to get an attractive website that arouses the attention of visitors, and we mention here the most important of these principles for website design:

Site planning:

The idea of ​​the site must be defined and the target audience defined, and the advance planning of the site makes it easy to have a design that attracts visitors.

  • Colors:

The colors are chosen according to the purpose for which the site aims, if it seeks to display a brand then it is one of its colors, or if it reflects a specific company or even the individual himself.

  • Graphics

Site graphics, images, and clips are created correctly, as there must be consistency between them in colors in order for the site to be well designed.

  • lines

The fonts of the website should be consistent with the general shape and layout of the website, and safe web fonts that are easy to appear properly can be used.

  • Content

The colors and design of the site may be the first thing that attracts visitors to it, but the second thing is the content provided to the target audience, it must be consistent for the ease of reaching the message and the goal of the site to visitors.

Where do I design my site the way I want it ?!

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Learn the basics of web design

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