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Numerous methods exist to induce inebriation. Anything you can think of to get high in a new and fascinating manner already exists. There is a wide variety of smoking implements to choose from, including one-hitters, hand pipes, vaporizers, bongs, chillums, steamrollers, and even gas masks.

Bubblers are another handy tool. A bubbler is an easy-to-use accessory that combines bong and pipe designs. A bubbler is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand and contains water to prevent your hits from heating up. When compared to a bubbler, the price of a bong might be rather high. Here, we shall discuss the advantages of using a bubbler.  

What is a Bubbler?

A bubbler is a kind of glass water pipe (usually made of borosilicate) used to enjoy filtered and cooled smoke thanks to a percolation mechanism and the addition of water. A bubbler can be tucked away easily. It may be used as a set or individually; the second part is a bowl that can be removed. The mouthpiece of a bubbler is located at its top. The stem, which is attached to the mouthpiece, extends all the way to the water container at the bottom. The bowl is attached to the top of the water chamber for single-piece bubblers. Removable bowls are a nice feature of certain bubblers that makes it easier to clean and carry along. A carb hole, often located on the water chamber’s side, regulates airflow in certain bubblers. The water compartment of a bubbler is useful because it allows the smoke to cool down before being inhaled. Smoke from the bowl is drawn into the water by the downstem, then travels up the stem, and finally exits the mouthpiece, where it can be inhaled.

The Advantages of a Bubbler.

  • Portable.

Outdoors or, while traveling, bubbler pipes are always convenient for smoking. The majority of bongs are unreasonably large, bulky, and heavy. Unlike bongs, bubblers only take up a little room in a backpack. Bubblers typically measure under 10 inches in height and contain few removable components. Compared to bongs, bubblers are more durable because of their smaller size and lack of too many removable components.

  • Price

You can get bubblers for as little as a few dollars per bubbler to as much as $150, but if you want one that will last for years, you should budget between $80 and $130. On the other hand, bongs may cost anywhere from $300 to $500 or more. An ideal and quality bubbler is far more pleasant to use than a cheaply manufactured bong. 

  • Smooth Hits.

The filtration of water is essential for every nice and smooth-hitting piece. Handpipes are the simplest to use, however, they lack the flavor, fineness, and cooling effect that water filtration provides. Bubblers come with a variety of percolators and are capable of churning a large amount of water. Add a glycerin coil, such as Freeze Pipe’s Bubbler, and you’ve got a nice glass piece that performs better than comparably priced bongs.

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