League of Legends (LOL) and elo boosting


League of Legends is one of the most played and followed online games of the generation. With millions of players online every moment, it is one of the most famous online games. With an increasing number of players, there was a need to find a way to increase the players rank faster. This led to the birth of boosting services in League of Legends. Boosting services or MMR Boosting (Match Making Rating), popular as LoL Boost is where the pro player login to the account of a normal player’s gaming account and play the rank game to increase his level. It is done in order to improve the rank of a new player by providing access to someone who is already on a diamond level or above.

Who uses a boost in LOL

Elo boost is mainly used by new players in league of legends. Since achieving higher ranks and skills consumes a lot of gameplay hours and time, new players generally try to buy booster packs to increase the ranks immediately. This enables them to play with the player in higher ranks and also achieve various perks associated with higher levels.

Type of boosting techniques

The most used techniques in lol boost are Solo and Duo. In solo, the elo player will access your account on play on your behalf to boost your account. He will be playing ranking matches from your account to increase your rank. In Duo mode, the user plays along with the professional player who helps the user to achieve higher ranks through gameplay. The duo is much costlier and effective than the solo technique of boosting. However, most of the users prefer to go for a solo boosting technique

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