Leading Causes for Blocked Drains in the UK


Recent studies showcase that cases of blocked drainage pipes remain at a drastic hike with the increasing population in big cities. However, bad sanitary habits and lack of knowledge regarding the sewage system still stand out as the primary causes. According to a 2017 research study: cleaning wipes, baby diapers, cosmetic products, and sanitary napkins caused 93% of sewer blockage cases in the United Kingdom. This fact alone targets the ever-increasing human carelessness, increasing the need for the general population to remain more aware of what they should and should not flush down their toilets.

For those who wish to avoid blocking their drains unnecessarily, this article highlights a list of conditions and objects that may need you to call for a plumber to unblock drains in your locality.

Feminine Hygiene Products

According to a recent study, 2.07% of all drain blockage cases happen because of the improper disposal of sanitary napkins and similar feminine hygiene products. These products take years to decompose, jamming the pipes until forced out. Furthermore, most of these products count under non-biodegradable substances, causing pollution, and other environmental issues. People must dispose of their sanitary pads in bins, and not flush them down the toilet.


These non-biodegradable, plastic items can suffocate the drainage pipes, blocking water and other sewage from flowing freely through the sewers. Furthermore, much like sanitary products, condoms take millions of years to break down! According to a similar research study, contraceptives cause more than 0.47% of drain blockage cases annually, in the UK.


In the year 2017, more than 85% of all drain blockage cases were a result of improper disposal of baby wipes, surface wipes, and other unidentified categories of wipes and tissues. These cases take a much serious turn when these substances are flushed down the toilet with little care and caution. Calling a plumber to unblock drains London may cost you an average of 175-200 pounds in the UK.

Fats and Oils 

Fats and oil tend to solidify while flowing with other substances through the sewers. Solidified fat tends to create a wall between the pipes, holding back sewage from moving freely through the system. These cases stand out as the most common ones in the list.

You can save yourself the trouble of unblocking drains by ensuring that you follow proper sanitary habits and dispose of items in a healthy, hygienic manner. Not everything is meant to be flushed down the toilet!