Is owning a storage unit profitable?


When choosing which storage facility to go with, you may be considering using your storage unit to make a profit. But, is having a storage unit actually profitable?

This question depends entirely on circumstance and what you plan to use your storage unit for. For instance, if you’re renting from a local storage facility, you can’t really make a profit on the unit itself as you do not own the rights to it.

As a renter, however, you can make a profit having your storage unit if you’re using it to store inventory for your business. In this case, your unit would double as a benefit and a profit.

As a storage unit owner, you can flip a profit. With the storage unit industry picking up in the last few years and many more facilities opening, you might be thinking what a great idea it would be to purchase a commercial plot of land and build a facility on it.

Storage facilities are a great investment. Not only do you have low-cost overhead, but you also have very low maintenance and upkeep costs. Storage units are made of steel and most do not include insulation.

Ways to make money on a storage unit as a renter

Use it for commercial needs – As a renter, you can put extra inventory in your unit or extra items in your home and then list them for sale on sites like Amazon, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace.

Free space in your home to create an in-home office – By removing extra items in your home, you can make room to turn a designated space into an in-home office where you can work remotely or for yourself.

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