Interior 101: Comparing and choosing between bedroom wardrobes!


Contemporary homes are only getting smaller in size, and most homeowners don’t have an extra room that can be converted into a dressing and wardrobe section.  In most homes, the wardrobe is an integral part of the bedroom, and that makes sense too, considering that all your personal stuff and clothing are accessible easily. Selecting a bedroom wardrobe can be confusing, primarily because there are just too many choices. In this post, we are discussing all you need to know about finding a solution that works.

Finding the right style

There are many design services that have ready wardrobes, which can be fitted at your home. While you can always visit the nearest showroom to find readymade options, customized and elaborate wardrobes have a charm that’s hard to match. These are styles that balance functionality with beauty, and no matter what kind of interior setup you have, you will always find something to match your needs.

Doubling the use

Your wardrobe can double up as a dresser and shoe storage solution. Check for styles that have floor to ceiling designs, so you can use the drawers for shoes, while the wardrobe’s actual section is saved for other things. Going for full mirrors on the wardrobe eliminates the need for an extra dressing table in the room, so you are saving some space. Some wardrobes also use open shelves that are handy for keeping certain things within reach.

Size does matter

The size of your wardrobe depends on two major factors – your storage requirements and the space available. If you have a small bedroom with just one wall to spare, you cannot really afford to go for large and elaborate wardrobes. Also, how much storage do you really need? For a frequent traveler, just a basic fitted style is more than enough, while couples may need more sections and modules to keep the wardrobe organized.

Beauty for the interiors

You cannot obviously choose a wardrobe that sticks out like a sore thumb. You have to find a way to enhance the beauty of your interiors, or should at least complement what’s already there in the bedroom. Check if the color, finish and design of the wardrobe works for your home, and more importantly, if maintenance will be an extra concern. For instance, if you prefer white wardrobes, you need to consider the need for extra cleaning every month to maintain those surfaces.

Budgeting the right away

Of course, for anything you buy for your home, you must consider the budget, and the new-age contemporary wardrobes can be expensive. Check the prices with home décor and design services, and their experts will be able to guide you if the selected design will work for your home. You can also call their interior designers to offer solutions, which can be further customized to accommodate your needs.

In conclusion

There are no strict dos and don’ts when it comes to selecting and comparing wardrobes for your bedroom, because no two homes are the same. Evaluate what you really need as a storage solution, and with new design services, everything can be tailored. Think of this as an investment for the long run, and if that means going out of the way and spending more, consider that as a wise idea. Your home is your den, make it large!


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