How to Wear A Face Mask Correctly To Prevent Coronavirus?


We all know that coronavirus spreads from infected persons to other persons via small respiratory droplets. These droplets are generated, when an infected person coughs or sneezes. And if a healthy person inhales it, he/ she will get immediately infected with the coronavirus. This is the reason why face masks are important as its tiny hole doesn’t allow small aerosol particles to come inside your mouth or nose. It is also been proven that coronavirus can survive on various objects or surfaces for days. Touching these contaminated surfaces will infect your hands and if you touch your face, you can get severely infected. However, wearing a face mask will forbid you to touch your face. 

There are three types of face masks: 

  • Homemade Cloth face mask
  • Surgical face mask
  • N95 Respirators

However, there are still some precautions that one need to take while wearing a face mask or taking it off:

How To Put On A Face Mask Safely

  • Before putting on the face mask, make sure you wash your hands with soap or liquid soap for at least 20 seconds. After that, you should dry your hands and then put hand sanitizer on it. Now you can put on your face mask. 
  • It is your responsibility to check the defects in your face mask. Defects like broken loops or tears.
  • Always put a colored side of the face mask on the outer side. 
  • If your mask has:
  • Earloops: In this type of face mask, you should carefully put ear loops over each ear.
  • Ties: In this type of face mask, you need to carefully tie the upper string and bottom string on your head and neck respectively. 
  • Dual elastic bands: In this type of face mask, you need to pull the top band over your head and lower band over your head and position it on the backside of your neck. 
  • No matter which type of mask you have, make sure that your face mask fits tightly. 
  • It is advisable to not touch your face mask unnecessarily. 
  • If your mask gets damp or soiled, make sure you replace it with a new face mask.

Even if you have insured yourself with health insurance, you should follow the above-mentioned steps to put on face mask safely. 

How To Remove Face Mask Safely

  • Again, do the same thing that you did before putting on a face mask. Wash or sanitize your hands properly. Only after doing this, you should remove your face mask. 
  • Do not touch face mask as it might be contaminated. You should hold the face mask by the bands, ties, or loops only.
  • Untie or unhook the ear loops or bands carefully to remove the mask from your face.
  • After you have taken off your face mask, hold it by the ties, loops, or bands.
  • Then discard it in the trash bin carefully. 
  • Once you have put the face mask in the trash bin, you should wash your hands properly with soap or sanitize it with an alcohol-based sanitizer.

The above-mentioned steps will surely help you to put on and take off face mask carefully. Buy health insurance policy for overall protection from the treatment expenses of COVID-19.