How To Find A Great Dog Walker?



If you are looking for a dog walker then you need to know this one key question that you must ask any potential person who you are consider hiring to look after your precious dog. And I am going to tell you that in this article.

So what is the one key question and why is it so important? Well when you are looking for a dog walker, obviously you want somebody who is hopefully going to love your dog, and they are going to keep you dog safe, and they are going to give your dog the exercise that he needs, that you are unable to provide when you are at work or you are busy doing something else. But the one key question is it’s something that a lot of dog owners overlook, and they think just because a potential dog walker loves dogs that they actually know anything about dog training, and they are going to be doing the right thing for your own dog. 

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The key question you need to ask is what are you going to do with my dog? Now you might be thinking that the dog walker will answer. Well we are going to walk the dog yeah and hopefully there will be walking the dog. Hopefully they are going to be given the dog some exercise but how exactly ever going to be given the dog that exercise. Because how the dog gets their exercise when they are out with the dog walker is going to have a huge impact on the dog’s behaviour. And how the dog behaves for you when you take him to the park when you are walking them? In THIS article on huffington post you can read about 8 things dog walkers wished you knew. 

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So question we often get asked is how would we have such great control of the dogs when we are out walking. Then when we walk in a pack of dogs sometimes eight nine ten dogs or on an adventure the beach. And the answer is that we that we interact and we engage and we play and we talk to the dogs and we have fun with the dogs all the time and we make the dogs want to look at us want to be with us by interacting with them and by playing with them. 

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But if you have a dog walker who just takes your dogs to a field and they let them mess about and ask around for an hour together then that’s what the dogs learn to do. The dogs learn to have fun with other dogs they learn to play with other dogs and this definitely tires the dogs out. But what is also does is it can also make the dog really dog reactive and almost dog obsessed. So what your dog walker does with these dogs is vitally important. Because how your dog does this exercise is vitally important. Is he getting his exercise by playing with other dogs if he is then that’s the thing that he is going to learn to want to do. 


To find a good dog walker you should ask from a dog walker what he is going to do with your dog? Because it’s really important that you should know everything what your dog is going to do on a walk. Some dog walkers just say something else and do something else. And most of the time dog owner doesn’t know what happens on dog walking activity. So it’s important to find a good dog walker who is suitable for your dog. 



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