How to choose the best hair dryer according to your need and product characteristics?


Everyone for them chooses a particular look, and this must be treated differently. It must also be considered that there are many types of hair. Which hair dryer do you need? How many Watts does it need to have? Ion or ceramic hair dryer? Professional hair dryer or travel hair dryer? What is the most ideal hair dryer brand? Where can you buy the hair dryer? These are some of the questions which you need to answer before buying hair dryer.

We all know more or less that what a hair dryer is, why to use it, and how to use it. But, not all of us have used this product personally. Apart from women, men also use this product. In most of the cases, men don’t need this item at home, but when it comes to hair styling, grooming, and personal hair care, this item has been the greatest ally for women. But, if you want to buy hair dryer, do you know how to choose it? Below we offer the guide to buythe best hair dryer. There are so many models, and they differ in features, each of them ideal for hair type, and the use you need to do.

The main features of a hair dryer

To help you in this choice we have specially created this section with the primary features of a hair dryer where we have identified the details which will help you to buy the best hair dryer in the market. We therefore advise you to read the details so that you don’t end up regretting.

The power – like all household appliances, you can also measure their energy consumption in Watts. The power of a hair dryer usually starts from a minimum of 1800 W to 2500 W. Of course the hot air jet also depends on the power emitted by the GHD air hairdryer, but often excessive heat without protective functions for the scalp generates damage.

The discourse of energy consumption also varies depending on the utility that a hair dryer has. A girl with long golden hair will surely need a powerful hair dryer to not spend the whole afternoon drying her hair. On the contrary, a young man can settle for a lower wattage.

The concentrator– if you are less technical then you can call it a spout.With this you can directly direct the heat on the brush or comb, ideal for those who want to smooth their hair. A nozzle with narrower lips ensures faster and more precise airflow. For curly hair, choose the diffuser. It is that round spout and many perforated “plugs”, even in this case better if the holes are not too big.

Ceramics and tourmaline – ceramics and tourmaline, are elements that avoid drying hair due to the heat of the hair dryer. These elements in fact manage to produce a constant and not excessive temperature, but at the same time guarantee the performance given by the power, and speed chosen.

Ionizer –the latest generation GHD hair dryer has a function called faster drying system. In this process, the negative ions subdivide the water drops into smaller particles. In this way the drying is faster, and the hair softer. Highly requested by those who often use the hairdryer, and for particular hairstyles.

Cold air switch – it is usually a button located at the center of the handle. When the button is pressed it no longer produces hot air, but at room temperature. The “cold shot” is used to fix the fold, very useful for those who need to smooth the hair.

Control buttons – their purpose is very simple and known by all. They serve in fact to regulate the speed on different modes, in most cases we find 6/8 combinations, but many more can be found. Some more professional models also have the “turbo boost” option. This is a particularly powerful air jet that allows you to dry faster.

GHD – The best hair dryers

We have seen what the main features of a hair dryer are, and the purpose of each one. Of course, your choice must be addressed according to the needs you have. For example, those who go to the gym every day will choose a small size hair dryer, and better if it has protection features such as ceramic, and the ionizing one. The same goes for those who spend a lot of time in difficult hairstyles. But, for this it is also advised to check the power of the hair dryer, and the accessories attached. Then identify what your need is, and choose the model based on the news we’ve given you. Keeping all the aspects in mind, it can be said that if you want to buy the best hair dryer in the market available for now, you must choose the GHD airdryer.

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