How Massage Works Wonders on Brain and Skin?


Many people are there who are facing depression and anxiety problems. Most of them even go to a doctor for being treated and take different kinds of medicines. But the latest research has found out that out of 25 girls, the girls who faced depression, felt more energetic and positive after a massage. So, this is one of the reasons why kneading (massage) is so popular because a good kneading on the head works wonders for the chemicals inside the head like serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, endorphins, etc. Most of the time, when girls start feeling possessive for anything that is because of the chemical reactions in the brain between oxytocin and vasopressin. So, to correct such chemical reactions, head massage is one of the best solutions.

Head Massage

But, now new research has found that a good kneading (massage) on the head can work wonders in the brain and the functioning of the chemicals in the brain is proper. Therefore, massage is very important. Apart from depression, there are other reasons also why massage is so important. Massage relaxes the brain and gives mental clarity. So, whenever you lack mental clarity, it is recommended that you should straightway go for a good head massage and mostly the acupuncture massage. There are other reasons also as to why massage is so popular. If you look back at the history of massage then you will know it dated back to some 2000 BCE and people in ancient times used massage to treat various bodily injuries.

Massage is Important for Skin

So, now my dear folks hope you understood the main part of the massage as to why massage is so important for the brain? It gives mental clarity, good memory, and tons of positive vibes almost like positive electrolytes going through your brains and working wonders. Apart from the brain, massage (Kneading) is also important for the skin. Skin is the largest organ in our body. And Like I said earlier, the skin also breathes and has life. So, you can imagine your skin like your face/mouth.

How Your Skin Reacts to Lotions?

Now, if you daily dab tons of lotion and scrub your skin i.e. (we are imagining it as the mouth), so how will your mouth (i.e. skin in this guide) will feel? Of course, my dear you will feel like puking out everything. So, similar is the case with your skin. When you dab too much lotion (the case of dry skin is different) on your skin, your skin feels suffocated and feels like puking, that’s why there’s always excess oil on the skin after dabbing cream and lotion. This is not shine, it’s your skin puking everything. This is a sign that it’s time for a good spa and scrubbing.

Choose Best Kneading Center

So, you can choose good Kneading (massage center) like 목포출장안마for getting your skin healed. For getting that excess oil removed from your skin, you can get some fresh mint oil massage after a powder massage. Apart from that, the way you exercise for your joints to function well and get the friction, similarly massage helps the skin and helps the skin to function well and get relaxation and oxygen. Massage is the exercise for the skin.

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