How Far Away Should Your Self-Storage Unit Be?


If you have found yourself in need of a self-storage space for personal or commercial purposes, there may be plenty of options nearby. However, you might not be needing storage nearby or want to find a space that’s outside the city to save some money.

So, how far should a storage unit ideally be from its final or ‘home’ destination? Here are some things to consider before making that determination.

Are Your Storage Need Primarily Local?

Do you feel like you need or want to be fairly close to your self-storage facility because you plan to visit it frequently to pick up and drop off items?

If so, you’re not alone, as surveys indicate that 85% of renters want to be within 15 minutes of the space while half want to be at the location in less than 10 minutes.

In cases such as this, the answer is clearly to have your storage space rental as close to your primary location as possible.

This means that you can pop in and out anytime the facility is accessible so that you can get to those needed goods or put in some new goods to be stored for a while.

When Distance Doesn’t Matter

Perhaps you really just want to sit things in the unit long-term while you travel or find a new home far away. In these situations, distance really doesn’t matter that much.

However, safety does, so you want to find a self-storage facility nearby the departing goods that is known for reliability and solid security. This allows you to be anywhere you want, while knowing your goods are safely under lock and key 24/7.

In closing, the answer to the initial question is, it depends. Simply evaluate your personal preferences and needs and find the best facility you feel comfortable with.

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