How do I switch electricity suppliers?


Once you know how to choose as well as what to look for in a perfect energy supplier, it is the time to make that switch. Take full advantage of your power and choose the supplier that works the best for your needs.

Do keep in mind that every state might have different regulations and they might vary. But if you are prepared to switch to a new energy provider, then signing up the new plan should be all that you have to do. As soon as you enroll, you will receive services which are as per the terms and conditions of the agreement offered from your new supplier.

These are few changes when you are looking to switch electricity suppliers:

  • Your customer services

You will experience an improved and excellent customer service when you switch to a new electricity supplier.

  • Your rate

Choosing the best energy choice allows you to pursue rate options as well as plans which might be different as compared to what your previous utility supplier was offering.

Things that stay the same:

  • Energy equipment etc.

All service components like – pipelines, transformers, wires and meters will remain the same and where there are placed. Any sort of physical modifications is not required as your energy supply is delivered through the previous distribution and transmission system operated and owned by your utility department.

  • Your energy supply or service

Note that there will be no interruptions in the supply of your natural gas or electricity service.

  • Energy delivery

Your area’s local utility will continue to hold the responsibility of delivering natural gas as well as supply of electricity. Even the charges for your delivery services remain unchanged.

  • Upkeep

Again, your utility will be continuing to service all your equipment like – wires, meters and pipelines. They are responsible for any kind of power outages too.

  • Your energy bills

The different areas of utility service might vary, but you will still get a single bill from the utility department. The bill that you get will include energy supply charges along with the delivery charges.

Things you need to switch electricity suppliers

Remember, you will not need much to begin saving.  If you are looking to switch electricity suppliers, all it takes is your recent electricity bill, your address and your yearly consumption of electricity. Note, that your yearly consumption is mentioned on your annual energy statement. If you do not have access to it, then do not fret as an estimate of the average consumption with slight information (number of members and household) can be calculated.

This clearly means that there will be no changes to your electricity supply, it is only that you will be paying less to a different energy provider. Rest remains the same. It is recommended that you keep a check on the new deals of electricity plans available to you, may be every year. Therefore, there is not much of a hassle to switch electricity suppliers, if you want to save on your energy supply. You can take the help of comparison website iSelect to compare the energy plans and providers and make the switch accordingly.