How Do Architectural Designs Affect How We Feel?


Irrespective of where you are, a shopping complex, a college lab, or an office cubicle, the various components of constructions come out as vivid identities. At times, only the construction of the four walls seems most important. But, architecture also ensures to count in the factors other than these four walls that include geometry, light, or space. Everything here affects our brain’s hippocampal region to make us feel comfortably accustomed. Here are listed those factors:

Ceiling Height

The direct distance between a person’s head and the ceiling can leave an everlasting impact on his mind. The higher ceilings seem to direct a person’s mind to more independent and abstract thoughts while closer ceilings seem to bound them to get more focussed and captivated.

Adjoining Views

The views encircling your campus has a direct effect on how large are your chances of getting distracted. Lush greeneries will always tend to mend your mood without having your focus to getting shifted. Urban sceneries around you with the scant presence of nature might be well effective to distract you badly.

Color Gradient

Even the simplest of the factor like color can affect you and your mind. The places you want to choose for leisure must be built with warm colors to make you feel comfortable while you will prefer your workplace to carry harshly lit. Psychology states that hues of blue and white tend to bring serenity within you, orange will encourage you, and shades of green will emancipate your stress.


Bright lights make you feel more energized compared to dull lights. Architects often want to work with natural lights and hence that determines the facing of the construction and its entire design.


Space is always accounted to be used for a construction’s advantage. Spaces always let people have free control over their physical and mental existence and bring in a sense of flexibility.


A good façade will make you happy on the most basic level. Featureless entrances of buildings can cause you to stress out a lot. Exposure to dull vicinities over some time can develop impulsive and risky behavior in an individual.

Architecte Stendel Reich helps to design and curate spaces for you that are visibly progressive. This enhances the working environments and helps them become effective for individuals. This is because a balance is necessary between the form and function of architecture.

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