Hot Digital Trends To Look out for in 2020


This New Year’s Eve sees not just the end of a year but also the end of a decade. New brands have exploded onto the market, and established brands have closed-up shop. Those who thrived have demonstrated that they listen and respond to their customers, they create engaging content, they keep innovating, and they have a strong brand vision. So, what does 2020 bring? Here are some of the predicted trends.

A Connected Experience

Performance marketing expert Eyal Gutentag believes that if you focus on making your main demographic happy, they’ll become an extension of your sales force. With 2020 predicting more connected experiences, it’s never been easier to transform your customers into true advocates. If you become an essential part of your customer’s day by adding value through multiple touchpoints, you will become so integrated into their life, it’ll be more hassle for them to go elsewhere.

Artificial Intelligence

People haven’t been put off by Hollywood movies forecasting machines taking over the world. In fact, there seems to be more of an appetite for it than ever. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become mainstream. Everyone from dating apps to retail websites are using these behavioral-reading tools to enhance the customer experience and create more upsell opportunities. Expect to see even more of this next year and beyond.

Voice Search

With more voice-search enabled gadgets and gizmos coming onto the market, retailers are already adding prompts into their advertising to say specific keywords out loud into particular devices to receive exclusive perks or bonus material. If more brands get involved, this could become one of the most significant developments of 2020, changing the face of online research, shopping and content creation.

While no one can predict the future, staying up to date on potential trends and behavior patterns puts you in a strong position going into the new year.

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