Helpful Tips To Keep The Indoor Plants Alive


Being surrounded by evergreen plants gives you a sense of solace and comfort that’s unmatched. However, the urban structures do not allow many of you to embrace lush gardens or greenery in outdoor spaces. Therefore, many of you bring nature indoors. Potted beauties in and around the house are one natural way to brighten the space and to enjoy the same experience.

If you think, just decorate the space with living plants and your job is done. Then, “NO.” Your job starts now! Plants have to be catered with love and care as any other living being for them to blossom at their highest possibility. Whether you are thinking of bringing indoor plants home or already have and see some of them dying, here are the tips to keep them healthy and alive.

A Quick Houseplant care Guide

  • Every Plant is Different: All the plants need sunlight as a source of energy, but not all require it in the same amount. Some plants do very well in the sunlight like succulents, but many prefer shade or indirect sunlight such as Pothos, Philodendron. Keep into consideration the lighting requirements of your place and that of the chosen plants.
  • Choose Soil Carefully: Soil is essential for the growth of plants. Always make or buy soil that goes best with the plant needs.
  • Water Them Carefully: Plants need to be watered, but overwatering is a big “NO.” Keep the soil moist but not soaked in water. Know the water requirements of each plant.
  • Do not forget the roots: Many people forget about the roots. It’s the central organ of the plant; keeping it healthy is a must. Keep a check on roots, fertilize them with organic matter, repot them, etc. etc.

If you do not want your green friends to lose their charm and beauty, then take care of these points.

  • Place Them At Proper Location: In your home, locate your plants a functional area. A spot that receives sunlight and is airy like a windowsill, balcony, verandah so that plants can grow naturally. If your house does not receive ample sunlight, then go for shade loving plants that you can keep in less-lit areas. Consider Peace Lily with beautiful white flowers in the bedroom, Golden Fern in the living room, Snake plant in the bedroom or office, Aglaonema with pink leaves in the drawing room.

  • Know Your Plants Well: Every plant is blessed with qualities unique to it. Ask yourself, what would you like your indoor garden to look like? Do you want a balcony garden with foliage and a pop of colour? If yes, plant a mix of flowering plants, herbs, and foliage plants. Or do you want to have a clean home, then air-purifying plants are best. You can also plant kitchen herbs and medicinal plants. Then, if you have a home office, decorate it with FengShui plants for prosperity and wealth. Never keep plants near heat or air-conditioning outlets.
  • Start Small: If you are new to plants, we would suggest going with easy-to-care plants and beauties that won’t grow much tall. Then, once you have developed a green thumb, you can go with hardy plants that grow upto heights or create a wonderful balcony garden with lots of plants.

  • Nourish Your Plants: Nurture and nourish your plants like our babies. Feed them with enough sunlight, water, and food (fertilizer) so that they can grow. Take the expert advice on how to keep them alive or hire a gardener to take care of them.

If you have plants indoors or planning to bring some, always make time for them in your hectic schedule. Don’t ignore them. They need your love to grow!

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