Have You Ever Tested These 4 Wonderful Flavorful Tea of the World?


Who doesn’t love to Drink Tea (ดื่ม ชา, Which is the term in Thai), everybody loves tea, kids old age people young, male-female everyone, right? Some like the smell of the tea, while others just a core fane of its flavor. You must have seen a lot of old people may in your family or your society, who is a great fan of tea and after every meal, they want tea. 

Tea is also one of the favorite times pas sitting back at home or in the office doing nothing. Couples enjoy the flavor of tea restraint while others take a sip of tea at home or in the office. The demand for

4 Most Popular Tea Of All Time

  • Green Tea

There are a couple of methods of yielding green tea, Pan-frying, and steaming. Green teas need more steps to process as compare to white teas but the best part is that it takes less oxidation and that is the reason why the leaf remains green. Green tea is considered the most Popular Tea Drink (ชา ที่ นิยม ดื่ม, term in Thai) in terms of healthiness and fitness.

  • White Tea

White tea undergoes the least amount of processing than green tea, it is very elegant, delicate, and subtle in flavor. The leaves are generally soft and grey, considering the newborn leaves, and only the bud along with the top two leaves from the shoot of the plant. The finest and the purest white teas come from China but there are countries like Nepal and even Yemen that produces white teas.

  • Black Tea

Black tea is a very common Drink Tea in the market, these teas are heavily oxidized and grew up strong, malty, and bold. In China and a few other parts, black tea is referred to as red tea because of its red color. It takes separate processing into a grading system, unlike white and green teas. 

  • Pu’erh Tea

Pu’erh tea is produced mainly in China which is the fermented style of tea and these teas are of two types.

Sheng tea, which means raw tea in English, and Shou tea, which means cooked tea in English. It is well-oxidized tea with a little hint of moisture in the leaves which can be kept for years. Pu’erh is a very Popular Tea Drink in China and many parts of another country.

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