Fundraising Ideas for a Child Care Facility


Did you know that many child care facilities have limited funds for its operation? With the increasing cost of almost every commodity many child care facilities cope by organizing child care fundraisers. There are several factors to consider in making a fundraiser successful. Everything must be well organized from the planning stage up to the closing of the campaign.

If you are planning to start a child care fundraiser, it is vital to talk things over with the persons that will take part in the program. Board of directors, child care staff, families, and anyone who may be appropriate to participate must be involved. Form committees or teams to break the workload. It is vital to learn how to delegate things. Preparing a timeline helps keep everyone aware of how much was already accomplished. A timeline helps keep everyone in focus. Additionally, it helps them keep a sense of urgency to complete important tasks – thus, avoiding procrastination. Most child care fundraisers fail to raise needed funds due to the lack of a timeline. Confusions arise when a fundraiser has no timeline to follow.  For the best preschool and elementary school fundraising solutions, visit

Drafting a budget will be very beneficial. It doesn’t just give everyone a “bird’s eye view” on the expense-against-income of the spreadsheet, but it also helps the fundraiser to convince probable donors to support the cause. Donors, especially from the business sector will be confident to extend support to your child care fundraiser as a budget draft demonstrates integrity to your campaign.

Promotion plays an important role in a child care fundraiser’s success. You may form a separate team for this task. Both old-school and modern ways of promotion may be applied. For the traditional way of promotion, flyers, brochures, and posters may be utilized. To save on time and cost, you can utilize desktop printing. You can find many free online programs that help you create customized brochures, flyers, poster or any print ad materials. Promotion through word of mouth is another cost-effective method in advertising your child care fundraiser – ask everyone in every team to spread the word.

If you are on a really tight budget utilizing the use of social media is proven to be very effective. You don’t have to print anything as everything will be in digital form. Almost everyone has a social media account so setting up one for your child care fundraiser will be just a piece of cake. You may choose any social media platform you may deem fit for your campaign. Let the audience know the details of your child care fundraiser. You may create an “about page” for this. Be transparent, let them know who will benefit from the campaign. Explain how the fundraiser can contribute to the learning enhancement of the children. The good thing about social media is its ability to make something viral. With a click on the share button, your child care fundraiser may reach people around the world in seconds.

Social media is interactive – it means people who see your page may post comments and questions. You may assign people to manage and handle comments and answer questions. People may also follow by subscribing to your child care fundraiser’s social media account. Following your page means people will be notified with the updates of your fundraiser. Supporters will not be left behind and will be constantly getting news on how the child care fundraiser is going. This will create transparency and more supporters might be willing to give more to your child care fundraiser.

While everything is running smoothly, and the donations are pouring in for your child care fundraiser, a thank you team must be working as soon as every confirmed donation is received. A simple thank-you letter or a small token of appreciation must be sent to the donors as this demonstrates sincerity on your part. Again, social media may play an important part in giving thanks to the people who supported the campaign. It also has the advantage of giving free promotion for the business people who contributed to your child care fundraiser.

A successful child care fundraiser doesn’t just end right after collecting donations and finishing the program for the campaign. Maintain your integrity by keeping up with your accountability. Share your success and let everyone know the result of your child care fundraiser. Maintain transparency by making an account for how you spend the funds. By doing this, donors will see concrete evidence of your campaign. These same donors will be more than willing to contribute and support your next child care fundraiser. Once more, using the power of social media in sharing the success of your child care fundraiser will gain you more confidence and trust from the people who supported you.

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