Fundraisers that actually work


Often times this fundraiser is one that a school or team will do every year because people love the cards and look for the students to sell them annually! Encouraging staff, students, and parents to offer nonfood fundraisers or substitute healthy food and beverage in fundraising sends a consistent message that supports healthy eating before, during, and after the school day,” says Stephanie Joyce, a nutrition adviser with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program. While you can certainly hit up parents and local businesses to donate, these fundraisers are great ways for your school community to show off its creativity. I’m not going to send my kid up and down the street, and I’m not going to inundate my coworkers with it. With multiple kids and multiple places, it adds up to be just ridiculous; so far this year, my daughter has had a wrapping paper sale, the fall festival, and a silent auction for her school, Claire’s gourmet thing and a request for donations for her after-care, another flyer for her after-care that I didn’t even read; and my son’s daycare is now doing a week-long series of fundraisers for Make-A-Wish (which I don’t mind so much).

These fundraisers can be run at any time of the year and used to commemorate school, club or community group special anniversaries or events. Making your fundraiser a teaching opportunity is also a great way to involve the children – for example if they’re learning about colors, paintings that they make and then you sell in an art show” fundraiser (which can be popular with parents, grandparents, and anyone else close to the kids) can earn you money and help them learn. In a money and date fundraiser, your nonprofit picks a day and asks supporters to donate in a sum that matches the numerical value of the fundraising date.

Donations make sense on paper however they usually don’t end up working as well as regular fundraisers do over time which is why most schools end up going back to working with a fundraising company or doing their own in-house fundraiser (i.e. a school carnival). It’s great for the parents and students that simply don’t have time to sell traditional fundraisers. Like with most other sports fundraisers, raise funds by selling admission tickets for kids to join in the field day, either individually or in teams.

This fundraising event not only raises money but can help shift people’s perspectives about how far their money can go. If someone spends $5 on coffee on the commute into work and donates that for a month, that’s $100 for a month-long event and $1,200 if the donations were to continue throughout the year. Make a snake fundraisers are perfect for classrooms, Sunday school groups, or even community center sports teams. Usually, this fundraiser helps the teams obtain uniforms or gear, but sometimes the money is donated to local charities and organizations.

One of the most popular school fundraisers is cookie dough It’s a product that is appealing to both children and parents, and truly sells itself. Just like Extra Life, which organizes gaming events to raise money for local children, this fundraising idea is great for kids and big kids alike. At Original Works, we know firsthand that parents and teachers who are often put in charge of fundraising activities simply don’t have the time to reinvent the wheel in order to come up with unique school fundraiser ideas.

Recent polls in Louisiana and Ohio found that activity-based fundraisers, such as carwashes and walk-a-thons, were the most preferred way to raise money among voters with kids in public schools. For many schools, fundraisers are a crucial source of money for classroom supplies, extracurricular groups, educational trips, and other activities that enhance children’s learning opportunities. When asked about preferences for public school fundraising efforts, parents in Ohio chose activity-based events, auctions of donated items, and solicitations for donations over bake sales.

This year, I am aiming for fundraisers that will involve more of the community while avoiding the pitfalls of having students deal with money. My answer is No. No fundraisers directly from the school and I have issues with children forced into sales-oriented and competitive fundraising in general. This year, though, it’s not the PTA fundraisers that have me up in arms – it’s the one sponsored directly by the school: Sell cookie dough and the school’s principal gets a chunk of cash to spend directly on school needs without consulting parents.

One of the best fundraising methods for 2020 is via brochure popcorn sales.  All you need to do is simply to distribute brochures to your customers/supporters.  They will then select what flavors, and how much popcorn they would like to order, and mail the brochure back to your fundraising partner company.  That company will then process the orders, mail out the popcorn, and give you your % of the revenue.  A great company to partner with is

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