Feng Shui Your Office Desk: Are Essential Items You Need


However long it has passed the belief in feng-shui and fortune-telling is a tradition that has always been popular with Thai people. In their work, people will encounter challenges or issues, and it works smoothly, and so does the working environment following Feng Shui principles. For example, placing items believed to be optimistic on the desk like auspicious trees, animal statues with auspicious meanings, and other sacred objects placing objects at the table in a favorable direction. It can be a lucky charm for your workspace and make your work environment more sophisticated and prosperous.

Auspicious Tree

Begin with items that are a lucky charm for your workspace (ของ มงคล บน โต๊ะ ทํา งาน, which is the term in Thai) and the tree of luck. It helps increase the chance with finances as well as work. You can select trees that clean the air that can take in toxins, and then return fresh air into the office. The most favorable position on the desk for placing the traditionally considered auspicious tree is in the upper left corner because it is a position that is related to work location. Those trees are Bamboo, Dragon Tongue, and Cactus.

Model For Waterfall Or Fountain

Water is the symbol of life. Installing a fountain or waterfall can boost your luck and bring prosperity to your life. It will also enhance your workspace and create an atmosphere of calm.

The best way to set up a waterfall or fountain at the table in the correct direction is to place it to the north of the table. Help make the work more efficient with ease, stability, and smoothness and allow the water stream to flow through the room.

Auspicious Stone

Alongside the beauty of the sacred stone, which has brought it to prominence, folks believe that specific stones like unakite and citrine will boost their luck. And help to make their lives prosperous in terms of wealth and wellbeing. They can serve as sacred stones on desks and desks, and it makes sense to put them on the north end facing the desk.

Auspicious Animal Structure

Regardless of the number of eras, the belief in bright animals is a fact that has been present for centuries. The idea that every animal is optimistic brings luck in many different areas. The most bright objects will be put on your desks in various directions, whether money, work, health, love, or capital. Based on the animal’s characteristics, for instance. For example, Dragon, Tiger, Horse, and Pixiu.

Alongside aiding financially and serving the desk owner, you can also place things on your desk that hold positive associations. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting auspicious objects on your desks, such as the horse, a bright stone, or a waterfall model. And other items with positive energy are a lucky charm for your workspace.

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