Excellent Protection For Vital Items With Bubble Bags


Bubble bags are the choice of those who need modern packaging with superior content protection. Practical and convenient packages will save any product unchanged. Bubble mailer bags will ensure the security of the product being transported.

If you require a special type of bubble bags, size or density, it is available in the right quality and according to the specified characteristics.

Reasons to buy bubble bags :

  • You need to protect your product from physical impact.
  • You have easily breakable or creasing products.
  • You want to reduce costs in the production and delivery of goods.

Properties of bubble bags :

  • Bubble bags can be used repeatedly, which makes their purchase extremely profitable. In the manufacture of specialized bags, a bubble film from LDPE is used. Its main feature is a unique bilateral structure. By heating, bubbles with dry air are formed in one of the layers, thereby creating cushioning and protective properties. Next, the bubble layer is welded with a conventional LDPE layer. Bubbles on the bag walls are entirely isolated from each other, and if several are damaged, the integrity of the bag is not violated.

  • The diameter of the bubbles can vary from 5 mm to 30 mm. The thickness of the packages from 6 mm to 24 mm, depending on the tasks. The density of the material is from 50 g / m 2 to 115 g / m 2. These bags protect products from shocks, drops, and vibrations.

  • The use of high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) as the primary material provides the bags with many properties like elasticity, strength, moisture resistance, high transparency, and environmental friendliness.

Bubble wrap bags are made exclusively to order and can be of any size and shape. Among the most common,

The following types are distinguished:

  1. Open package. The usual option is a double-sided wrap; the top of the bag can be sealed with specialized welders.
  2. Bag with valve. It protects content and provides easy access to it.
  3. Bag with duct tape. Adhesive tape with a protective strip is applied to the valve.

Each type of bag can be made from a different bubble wrap: two-layer, three-layer, with big-bubble, metalized, or with the addition of a kraft layer.

Bubble bags are initially made transparent, but you can apply a logo or any other image to them.

In ordinary open bags, small and fragile products are transported and stored: utensils, electronics, medical equipment, and more. By ordering packages with an increased diameter of the bubbles, you will protect larger products: accessories, furniture, electronics, and major home appliances, sanitary ware, and art objects.

Bubble bags are widely used in all areas

The third bubble layer on the bags increases strength, increases resistance to punctures, and also protects the bubbles themselves from damage.

Modifications of packages with a valve, especially in conjunction with kraft paper, are used in postal services when sending important mail and parcels. The bubble mailer bags not transparent protects against moisture and sunlight, and a bubble layer of polyethylene prevents any damage from vibration or shock.

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