Entrance Mats Of School Buildings


To study in good conditions is to study in a welcoming and adapted environment. For example, flooring, in general, and entrance mats in particular, is an important element in our children’s work environment. From an aesthetic point of view as well as from a functional point of view, tapetes didacticos para niños must, therefore, be given special attention.

Whether it’s a school, a college or a high school, the main issue of an tapetes de caucho school buildings is ultimately that of everyday life, and must meet a triple imperative:

High Resistance

High resistance and maximum safety are the two main criteria of choice. A school building entrance mat is particularly exposed to use: dozens or even hundreds of children spend several times a day, often with school bags on wheels. The first functional objective of the entrance mat is therefore to resist children who walk, run and jump permanently on.

A High Level Of Security

The second requirement for school entrance mats is safety. Children may be less cautious than adults, so entrance mats must provide complete safety, offering strong grip and resistance to the classic mud, water and soil attacks, but also to extreme conditions (fire, chemicals, etc.)

Easy Maintenance

A quality tapetes de hule guarantees greater ease of maintenance. Beyond the requirements in terms of resistance and safety, entrance mats of school buildings must also meet the practical requirement of maintenance. Choosing a proper entrance mat is one way to ensure a reduced maintenance time and thus a limited cost of cleaning both the entrance mat and the entire building.

Indeed, by absorbing moisture and various dirt, and thus avoiding their dispersion in adjoining areas, the coating of a high-performance carpet reduces the maintenance costs of the building.

 Sometimes forgotten or neglected, entrance mats are often ordered: “at the last minute”. Entrance mats has been open for several years all summer and allows to approach the new year with more serenity.

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